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    Help with baby #15!!

    This is my first post
    We have quite an unusually large family, but please don't judge us, we're not the Duggans! My two older sisters, may they rest in peace, died suddenly ten years ago and both left their children to me and my wife, and then we had kids of our own and we adopted some twins who needed a home... And so now here we are with a big old house of fourteen!
    Now to the point, although of course I didn't name all my children, me and my sisters luckily have very similar taste, but the problem now is that we are a bit stumped what to call our latest addition. We've just found out he'll be a boy, but every name we think of sounds too similar to one of our other kids.

    We're very open to any and all suggestions - we like neglected classics, and my wife is Irish so Irish names are an option but not required. I don't really like surnames for names, or other relatively new names, I prefer names with a long heritage, of any nationality, but I often veer towards the Brits naming trends.

    Ideally we'd love a name that's familiar although underused. I believe it's called a sweet spot name here?

    Here are our other kids names for reference:
    Marcus Anthony
    Arthur James
    Heidi Elizabeth
    Saskia Harriet
    Bronwyn Imelda
    Leo Frederick
    Zuleika ('Zulu') Rose
    Rupert Peter
    Geneviève Joyce
    Aurora ('Rory') Maeve
    Penelope Catherine
    Fleur Susannah
    Fionn Lorcan
    Tadhg Redmond

    Thanks berries!

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