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    Quote Originally Posted by jsharris18 View Post
    Excuse me but I don't think it is any of your business asking about a parents ability to take on another child @renrose. I think it's great that they are willing to take care of their sisters children like they were their own and they have every right to welcome another child into this earth if they so chose.
    She asked a question, and never said they had no right to do it, it's an honest question. I ask the same about the Duggar family, as do a lot of people. Regardless though, there's no need to get defensive
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsharris18 View Post
    Excuse me but I don't think it is any of your business asking about a parents ability to take on another child @renrose.
    Actually, as a mod of this website, it is my business to question improbable stories and - you have to admit - it's quite a story.
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    You're not alone renrose, many are incredulous if not disapproving of us having another baby, it was, as they say, a happy accident. We live fairly simply in a cheaper part of town and some of our older kids are in their 20s and 30s, so we've a fair few breadwinners/childminders to hand. So whilst I'm forgiving of people being surprised by our circumstances, I'd appreciate if you respected our choices and frankly I asked for help with names, not your opinion on my family situation. I've always liked these sort of sites but have been put off joining as my wife said people would judge us and label us as extreme Catholics or hicks or something.

    Now back to names - sorry for that digression!
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    Jeez I'm sorry, just saw your post about being a moderator!
    Didn't realise it was your job and all, and yes it is quite a story, I'm sorry about being a bit defensive, but as you can imagine, even going to the grocery store is a challenge with folks judging me by the amount of food I buy. The local papers and radio have been trying to get us to do a story for them for years, like we're some sort of spectacle, it's all a bit exhausting and I came here for just a bit of mulling over names.
    So I apologise if I was a bit overly defensive just now, and if some debate is going to erupt here because of my family situation, taking the attention away from names, then I'll go elsewhere for names help, if that works better for your site etc

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    We know 2 families with lots of kids- one with 13 kids, one with 12, ages ranging from late 20's to toddlers.

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