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    Brought home baby from hospital and still NAMELESS!!!

    deleted for privacy.
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    I chose 'will grow on me' after reading your explanation - it obviously has a lot of meaning to you and has been thought about a lot. Personally, it's not a name I would choose as I just felt awkward trying to say it out loud - the emphasis on Rev-ELLE with the Anae just didn't feel natural. I also would have the same reservations as you re. made up names.

    It's a push but I think I'd almost say Revel in itself is a better sounding name, although possibly a bit masculine. If it were me, and to keep with the meanings I'd go for the name Anae Revel - I think it's different and quirky, but Anae doesn't have the same made up sound and feels more 'legitimate.' That way you could also keep the cute nn Revvy.

    Other names with the meaning grace or similar style...


    Ultimately you have to choose a name that feels right for you and you both love! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

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    I wouldn't have questioned Zaila Jewel. It's not my style, but I wouldn't have considered it odd. Revelle feels very awkward to say outloud, it sounds a bit like a perfume name to me, and does look like you jumped on that trendy bandwagon, the one where people add the -le to names to make them look more feminine. Revel, pronounced the way the word is said, would be okay. I'm not a fan of Anae, but at least I can see where you got it from. I also think Revel Anae flows better than Revelle Anae.

    I think there are a lot of pretty Hebrew names out there with nice meanings:

    Zariah ("princess, to blossom")
    Ozara ("treasure")
    Shaina ("beautiful")
    Anissa ("grace" related to Anae)
    Neima ("strong")
    Shira ("my song")
    Riva ("maiden")

    I think any of these with Revel as a middle name would be great (sorry, I do like Revel more in the middle). Finally, what about pairing any of these with Isabelle? It means "pledged to God" which would be a bonus for you I think? You would have a lovely Hebrew name and still get the sounds you like without being on that "trendy" cart. Shira Isabelle is my favorite.

    Ultimately, you have to choose what feels right. If Revelle Anae doesn't feel right, but it's all you can come up with, consider other names. If it does feel right but you feel like it will sound silly to others, well, screw the others (even me). She definitely won't be the one with the weirdest name at school. It's hard to choose a name even when the birth is uncomplicated. Go with your gut!
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    Have you considered Reverie as an alternative to Revelle? It would also give you the nickname Rev or Revvy.

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    I love Zayla Jewel or Zaila Jewel. But I understand if you can't feel the same way you once did about those names.
    Obviously Revelle Anae is very meaningful to you... but I think it's going to make life difficult for her. How about the suggestion of Reverie? Much more wearable, I think. Reverie Anae or Anae Reverie are lovely.
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