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    Is Miriam considered 'OK' to use if you aren't religious?

    I know that Miriam has a few very strong religious connections, and unlike some biblical names, Miriam doesn't seem to be used a lot outside of the bible/religious circles (where I live anyways).

    I live in a very small, very Christian area, (which is unlike the city I live near, and surrounding areas, but for some reason, the village I live in is very religious - a bit like your stereotypical US hick style town, but in Canada instead...) and also, very judgemental (although everyone's fine with Drummer and Irelynd as their kids names - go figure).

    I have not attended church regularly since I was a child, and have no intentions to as long as I live in my area (my church is not a nice place to attend, when I was younger, quite a few 'regulars' at the church decided to gossip about my parents' separation, and speculate, and spread rumours about my family - thus ending my church attendance).

    I believe in God, and I am a Christian, but, since I'm not like, (unsure of the correct term here) a practicing Christian (I celebrate Christmas, but like, no church services, no bible readings, and rarely praying), and I'm not Jewish at all, would it be completely inappropriate to use the name Miriam for a child? I would consider Maryam as well, but not Mariam or Marian.

    If I were to use Miriam, I would likely use Miriam Florence, Miriam Rebecca or Miriam Georgina (but more than open to suggestions!).

    Thank you, and sorry if this post doesn't make a lot of sense.
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    I know three Miriams, none of whom are conservatively religious in their respective religions. I think you're safe there. It's a gorgeous name (one of my favourites) and I encourage you to use it!
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    Yes, it's totally okay to call you child Miriam if you are not religious.
    I think Miriam Florence is lovely.

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    Also, it's really no different than using any other name rooted in the Bible/Torah/etc. Noah's the most popular boys' name in the US right now, and I can assure you not all of their parents are practicing Catholics etc.
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    The only Miriam I know is not of any religion, she was my French professor if you want a different association. Miriam's a pretty name.
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