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    Reasons To Love Flora..?

    Do you sometimes fall a bit out of love with a name?
    Not totally, you just know you've loved it much more before.
    But every time you read it somewhere, someone suggests or writes something sweet about it, the love for the name is there again?
    I'm having this little problem/crisis with Flora. I absolutely adore the name but it lost a bit of it's spark for me.

    So I'd love your reasons to love Flora. All the beautiful images you have. Every sweet association.
    Try to help me fall in love with the name again

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    I think it's okay to sort of get tired of your favorite names at some point. It's a natural process of loving... anything. Maybe you should 'take a break' from Flora? Temporarily remove it from you short list, stop making combos with it and just thinking about it in general. I think it might help.

    I love Flora. It manages to sound vintage and modern at the same time. It evokes images of English countrysides, rose gardens, white mansions and pretty dresses.
    It's internationally recognized, easy to spell and pronounce, fits many different personalities. Such a wonderful name.
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    I love Flora because to me it is somehow refined and shows a certain restraint. Flora feels slightly innocent but not naive.
    I also had a professor who was most instrumental in my education with the surname Flora. She was rather an old battle ax, but she meant well, and I grew fond of her over time. I also love that it can be short for Florence, which was the name of my great grandmother.
    Flora spans several naming categories, so it appeals for a variety of reasons. Flora is a nickname, a proper name, a surname, a noun, it is vintage, it is Latin... (I find Latin names lovely.)
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    My great-grandmother's name was Flora. I didn't know her, but it seems like a rather soft and whimsical name for a farm woman in Iowa when everyone around her had harsh German names. I considered it for my upcoming baby girl, but it would be too close to her brother's name, Orlo. Speaking of Orlo, my MIL said that Edgar Allen Poe thought the "or" sound was one of the most compelling or lovely sounds and that is why that sound repeats in his poem "Lenore." So, Flora has that going for it (if that is indeed true).

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    It happens to me all the time. I really love a name for a couple of months or a year or so, then I get a bit tired of it, but often I fall back in love with it a year or two later. This has happened with Vilhelmina, Alvi, Fiona, Adele etc.

    I can't really tell why I like Flora so much. It's crisp, sweet and stylish with a lovely meaning. Plus, it's related to my grandma's name (Florence).

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