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    What are your thoughts on this name? :)

    Unsure of what we're having but this would be our top girl name choice after what felt to be an endless road of debating on so many names.

    Kelley Mae Lynn Canam

    The bundle is to join sisters Shelby Patricia Anne Canam & Lily Elaine Irene Canam.

    Thank you all, Felicia and Brett!

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    It has a pleasant sound and I link people will react well enough to it in the world. On NB it might be more muted or mixed in reaction since Kelly is often viewed as "past its prime". Here are a few questions for you to consider.

    1) Is there a family significance to the spelling of Kelley? If so, that will no doubt win it opinion points on here, and it makes the fact that it may often be misspelled more worth it. If not, I strongly suggest Kelly, just to avoid the frequent spelling corrections that will result from the extra E.

    2) I can't help noticing that the three girls; names sound a lot a like. They all end in EE, and all have an L in the middle, and Shelby and Kelley both have the EL sequence in the middle. None of that is the end of the world, but would you consider something like maybe Callie or Kylie? I would suggest Calla but Lily and Calla together are a bit much. Callie and Kylie are both a little more "current", and also just add a little more variety.

    3) Do Mae and Lynn have family meaning? Mae is super cute, and Lynn is fine, but they are both short and choppy together. If they're meaningful it's worth it, if not, you might reconsider. Kelley Mae Linea or Kelley Mae Lydia catch some of the sound. I really think Mae would be nice as a FN by the way if you'd consider it, Shelby, Lily, and Mae is a nice set.

    4) Just checking that you're OK with the repeated initial sounds / alliteration of Kelley and your last name. I think it's alliteration that works, but some people prefer to avoid alliteration.

    All best!

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    I think it's a beautiful name! I love Kelly - I would probably go for this spelling too.

    Another option is Keely. Another name you may like is Kirsty (not Kristy).

    I actually like Mae Lynn together & think they flow really well - Maylin is actually a name in its own right.

    Lee x

    Ps sorry Felicia, I hope I haven't given you the wrong impression. I really do love the name! Just giving a few other options in case you're still looking
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    I think it's lovely actually - I've always had a soft spot for the name Kelly/Kellie. Kelley seems slightly more unisex to me, because the one male with the name I do know, is Kelley. I think it works nicely with Lily and Shelby if I'm honest, and don't let others deter you from Kelley/Kelly/Kellie - it's a lovely name, and it's established, well known, and very easy to pronounce and read. I think it's perfect for your family, although I do agree with @lee1981 - Kirsty (and Keeley) would be lovely as well.

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    It's not a bad name, but it's definitely not my style. Kelley is considered dated around here, and Mae and Lynn are filler middle names to me. That's just my opinion though - only matters if you like the name. If I were to makeover the name in my style, it would be Kaia Louisa Maeve - some more unusual replacements. Best of luck!

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