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    Do you like Oria for a girl

    Do you like the name Oria? (0R-I-A) What comes to mind when you hear it xx

    I personally love it

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    I'm pretty sure most people would pronounce it or-ee-a, like Auria or the beginning of Oriana. For or-I-a, I'd recommend the spelling Oriah, maybe. Oria makes me think of Oreo. I find Oriana prettier. Oria/Auria is pretty, but, I think people would struggle with it too much to make it fully worth it.

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    Pretty name! But aura immediately came to mind...

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    I initially pronounced it OR-ee-uh and oreo cookies sprang to mind. The pronunciation or-IE-uh is lovely. It reminds me of the name Oriole and of golden birds.

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    Just saw jesba's comment, that it reminds her of oreo, and I have to agree. Oriah would make pronunciation issues a lot easier too. Or-eye-ah has a very pretty sound, but I don't like or-ee-a.

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