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    Double-barreled male names.

    Are double barreled names acceptable for boys? You don't really hear them very much, but I was thinking about how much I love the name Jody Wilder for a boy. I like it with Glenn though. Is Jody-Glenn too feminine?

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    I love Jody and Glenn, so why not? I had John-David on my list for the longest time, if you like the classics.

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    I think they tend to feel even more "country" than girl double-barrels.

    Sarah-Grace can get by fine anywhere, but I don't think I'd want my surgeon to be called Billy-Ray.

    But then I've never met a guy with a double barrel name.

    I could see something like Bennet-Gray

    Jody is already unisex/leaning toward feminine, putting it in a double barrel enhances that feel IMO.

    Toby-Glenn maybe?
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    They're definitely less common for boys than for girls, but I think they're acceptable.

    If I'm marking huge generalizations, I tend to associate double-barrelled boys names with 1) the southern US (Billy-Bob, Jerry-Ray,etc. ) or 2) Catholics (John-Mark, John-Paul, etc.) Of course, I could name on both hands the number of guys with two names I've met in my life, so my sample size is far from being large enough to establish any legitimate trends.

    Actually, now that I think about it, John-something is probably the most common double name for boys, and the least likely to cause any double-takes.

    Jody-Glenn strikes me as rather unisex, bordering on feminine, but not because it's double-barelled. It's more that Glenn can easily be misheard as "Lynn" and Jody is a unisex name. That doesn't mean you can't use it, you just have to be cool with a unisex name.

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