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Thread: New Babies

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    New Babies

    Just figured I'd share some new baby names around here

    Jaxon Kade
    Georgia Claire
    Estelle Jacqueline (sibs Joseph & Aris)
    Jameson Leeland (Sibs : Maddie & Landen)
    Kristen Rose
    Kaylee Ann
    Lincoln Paul (Twin)
    Grace Violet (Twin)
    Colton Terry
    Silas (sister Ashtyn)
    Crew Jacob (sibs Karrington & Carson)
    Porter Drake (sibs Alex, Eden, Aubrey)
    Kameron Michael
    Alexander Kent
    Emma Rose (sibs McKenna, Joseph, & Avery)
    Carter Stanley (sib Dylan)
    Ava Leigh (sib Austin)
    Gracie Lynn
    Adelina Seraphina (sibs Giovanni & Christian)

    Some interesting, and some surprisingly normal names..

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    Georgia Claire - I personally would not use Georgia but Georgia Claire is a beautiful combo.
    Lincoln Paul and Grace Violet - What a wonderful sibling set.
    Crew Jacob - I love Crew, it's a GP.
    Porter Drake - I am not too fond of the combo but I love Porter.
    Emma Rose - love

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    I like:

    Georgia Claire
    Estelle Jacqueline - I'd prefer Stella Jacqueline, but I like it anyway.
    Grace Violet
    Emma Rose - I'm sure it must be one of the most popular combos out there, but it's lovely anyway!

    Adelina Seraphina - The rhyming end ruins it for me, even if I love both names. Adele Seraphina or Adelaide Seraphina would be perfect!
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