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    Ruby with which middle name??

    I love how Ruby June sounds, but we are from up north, and everyone thinks it is too southern.

    We are doing all of our middles with family names and if you don't like Ruby June, what do you think goes better?

    Joyce, Jean, Charlotte, Linda, Ann, Jane, Delores, Pansy, Adaline, Nona, Lena, Rose, Olive etc

    And I don't mind variations on the names..


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    I really like Ruby June. What a sweet combo.

    Ruby Jean
    Ruby Ann
    Ruby Jane

    I love Charlotte and Adaline (prefer Adeline) but I prefer those combos switched, Charlotte Ruby and Adaline/Adeline Ruby are both beautiful.

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    I like Ruby June but I don't love the "Ru-Ju". Ruby Charlotte and Ruby Jane are the most appealing choices for me.
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    Ruby June or Ruby Jane.... love both of those. I do like Ruby Rose but I named my daughter Rylan Rose so it's probably not surprising.

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    I think Ruby June is super cute. It doesn't feel overly Southern to me. And I don't think that's a huge negative even if it did.

    The only other one I think sounds nice is Ruby Jane.
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