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    Robin still too feminine for a boy?

    I quite like the name Robin, though the only people I know with this name are middle aged women. I did know a male Robin when I was young, but not anymore. I've always thought of it more of a boy's name. I haven't heard the name used on anyone younger than fifty boy or girl. Do you consider it a feminine name?
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    I have a male cousin named Robin. But I also think it's a nature name (as in the bird) so to me it can be unisex. I wouldn't blink an eye if it was on either gender.
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    I do think it's usable for a boy, especially since it's out of style for a girl - a good candidate if you want to try and "resurrect" a boy-turned-girl name for the original gender.

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    I think Robin Hood and, more recently, Robin Thicke keep this name squarely in the boy category, even if folks use it for girls from time to time. I think a little boy Robin would be so handsome!

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    The only Robin I know is a male. And then I think Robin Hood, Robin Thicke, and Christopher Robin. Perfectly suitable for a boy
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