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    Thank you so much, Mischa!! I definitely found some I thought were adorable, some I like that I like but wouldn't use, and some that just resulted in the shake of my head.

    Vintage Names: Emmeline, Cordelia, Ophelia, Imogen, Magdalene, Katia/Katya, Rosalind, Jemima, Imogene, Miette
    Mythological Names (Greek, Roman and beyond): Lyra, Larissa, Rhea (I had a girl in my school with this name: blonde, blue-eyed, friendly, pretty girl), Vivien, Calliope, Calista, Persephone, Guinevere, Morrigan, Thora, Ambrosia, Morgana, Niobe, Anthea, Circe
    International Names: Sylvie, Alessia, Nadine, Cosette, Arabelle, Brigitte/Brigid, Marguerite, Odette, Allegra, Seren, Mischa (prefer on a boy), Cecile, Freyja/Freja, Felice, Masha, Babette, Nanette, Ninette
    Place Names: Geneva, Rochelle
    Word Names (English and otherwise): Chase (prefer on a boy), Birdie (cute nn), Kitty, Rosette, Atlas (prefer on a boy)
    Nicknames as First Names: Emmie, Lottie, Kit, Nita, Bridie (I almost spit my drink out with your comment on Itzy!!)
    Compound Names: Coralie, Adabelle, Lilibeth
    Surnames on Girls: Shea, Bellamy
    Boys Names on Girls: ...
    Names From Popular Culture (brand names, names in the news and/or celebrities from music, film,video, art, fashion, TV, books etc…): Zelda, Nikita, Arwen

    I'm hoping baby, babygirl, girl, and female are there because the parents can't decide on a name yet...

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    Wow, thank you so so much for the amazing job you've done, @mischa! Such a great idea to sort all these names to categories, it allows to see the whole picture.

    So in love with Emmeline, Beatrix, Ophelia, Lucinda, Imogen, Harriet, Elinor, Georgiana, Millicent, Philippa, Jemima, Eugenia and Augusta. I think the vintage category is the most "Nameberry taste". Wondering if some of the parents who used these names once sought advice on Nameberry forums!
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only person in the world who likes Marlene, Bertha and Thomasina!
    The only name from this category that really surprised me is Dorcas. It has huge teasing potential and I'm having hard time understanding why would someone use it as a first name.

    Lots of interesting choices in the mythological category as well. Lyra, Flora, Niamh, Gaia, Juno, Electra, Clio, Deirdre, Enid, Hebe and Thisbe are all my favorites. Very "Nameberry taste", too! Quite surprised to see Orion and Merlin used for girls, though.

    International category is fascinating! Added quite a few great names to my list. A bit surprised to see Anais, Tallulah, Ramona and Wilhelmina here, I thought these names were in the Top 1000. I'd love to meet babies named Frida, Alba, Bernadette, Emiliana, Caia, Saskia, Eulalia, Elowen, Celestine, Tamsin, Bronwen, Clemence and Ailis.

    Some of the place names are really surprising. While I probably wouldn't consider using a place name myself, I think some of them are lovely (Holland, Geneva, Avalon, Florence and Alberta). Others are completely obscure, though. Russia? Wow.
    I think Berlin, Charleston, Dresden and Dublin would make cool names, but they sound all-boy to me.

    Word names! Some of these are just ridiculous. Beautiful, Gorgeous, Savvy, Honest, Pretty, Winner... Well, what if they are not? And Envy, Chavy, Money? I'd like to know what the parents were thinking.
    There are also lots of my guilty pleasures, though. Scout, Sailor, Briar, Lux, Saga, Lark! I don't think I'd ever use them, but I'd love to meet someone by these names.
    By the way, I thought Clementine was first a name (feminization of Clement) and then a word (fruit)? I'd add it to the vintage names category, too.

    Seems like the nickname name trend is slowly coming to the US. Although I wouldn't consider using a nickname as a full name for my child, I don't mind when others do it. Most of these choices are lovely, the only one I strongly dislike is Candy.

    Surprisingly, smoosh names aren't as bad as they could be. I think I'd remove Coralie from this category, it's a French name, not a smoosh, as far as I know.

    Surname names are... disappointing. I love Lennox, Jameson, Anderson, Wesley, Archer, Finnegan and Wilder, but on boys! And Lenin? Seriously?
    The only names I like from this category are Larkin and Greer.

    Boy names on girls are even more disappointing! Nothing good in this category. I'm looking for someone who could explain to me why some parents name their daughters, for example, Atticus.

    Names from popular culture, erm. I confess that I like Sansa and Beretta and also Jagger and Holden, but for boys. Forgive me, Nameberry?

    The last special category is hilarious! I'd love to learn the stories behind some of these names. I'm thinking Moo might be some ethnic name/nickname? (Because I just can't believe people named their baby after the sound cow makes.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Baby (not for most of her life though)
    Babygirl (children grow up – quickly)
    Girl (still not good enough to age well)
    Female (there’s no need to advertise which will hopefully be obvious in the future)
    Unknown (is this the same as calling your child “Anonymous” or “No Name”?)
    Baby, Babygirl, Girl, Female, and Unknown are put on the birth certificate when parents can't come up with an official name to put on there.

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    @mischa you are genius.
    I love the level of your obsession. Thank you!

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    Oh I love this list, so many hidden gems in there! Thank you so much for compiling it :-)

    Love: Fay (spelled as Fae), Louisa, Luella, Katia, Rosalind, Myrna, Lyra, Selene, Flora, Niamh, Orion (for a boy), Noa, Asha, Elodie, Linnea, Ariane, Alba, Chiara, Moira, Isobel, Shira, Oriana, Aoife, Irina, Aisling, Eloisa, Maeva, Ilsa, Isabeau, Cecile, Nara, Lilou, Ashira, Elowen, Aurelie, Eliane, Flavia, Isaura, Verena, Anwen, Lilja, Maelys, Armina, Felice, Nimra, Aurore, Ninette, Odilia, Lorraine, Florence, Merida, Ravenna, Viola, Calla, Aura, Lumen, Azure, Saga, Cerise, Lumi, Moon, Rosabel, Arwen, Éowyn, Malin.

    Names I feel are a bit "too much" as a first name but would do wonderful as a middle: Emmeline, Cordelia, Silvia, Susanna, Lucinda, Evelina, Alethea, Athalia, Isidora (prefer the spelling Isadora), Nerissa, Ariadne, Artemis, Morrigan, Phaedra, Morgana, Accalia, Illyria (would be cute as a first name too with nn Lyra?), Julieta, Violette, Mireille, Rosalia, Felicia, Arabelle, Mirabelle, Marguerite, Liliane, Katharina, Caoimhe, Arantxa, Fionnuala, Iridessa, Valencia, Sapphire, Fable, Oceana, Fawn, Coralie, Lilibeth, Evaluna, Lavinia, Nereida, Lumina.

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