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    Middle for Xiomara/Xiamara?

    My partner and I are on-a-break-from-TTC-but-still-talking-names and Xiomara or Xiamara is at the top of our list for many reasons. We can't seem to find something to put in the middle spot to balance it out. I would like if it was a more well-known name (but not necessarily super popular) since Xiomara/Xiamara is quite rare. Anything come to mind? I'm totally stumped!

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    I love Xiomara/Xiamara! I prefer Xiamara a bit more because it's got Xia in it, but they're both great. For middles, I like (basically all the names on my list that don't end in 'a' :P)
    Xiamara Evelyn
    Xiamara Fae/Faye
    Xiamara Imogen
    Xiamara Violet/Viola
    Xiamara Elspeth
    Xiamara Wren
    Xiamara Beatrice
    Xiamara Iris
    Xiamara Fleur
    Xiamara Audrey
    Xiamara Elowen
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    Love Xiomara! With the big X up front and the rarity of the name, I agree that it needs something familiar in the middle to ground it. I'd suggest a simple classic that will really let the first name shine and give it a restrained elegance. These are my favourites

    Xiomara Kate
    Xiomara Jane
    Xiomara Jade
    Xiomara Clare

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