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    the scotland in my dreams.

    Namebank CAF -- Game of Thrones Edition (7 or more children.)

    A Game of Thrones theme seems only appropriate for my thirteenth CAF. Here's hoping your family has better luck than George R.R. Martin's characters do.


    First, roll the die ( decide your family's House, and therefore where you live.

    1: House Lannister, Lannisport.
    2: House Baratheon, King's Landing.
    3: House Targaryen, Meereen.
    4: House Greyjoy, Pyke.
    5: House Tyrell or House Hightower, Highgarden or Oldtown.
    6: House Stark or House Manderly, Winterfell or White Harbor.
    7: House Martell, Sunspear.
    8: House Bolton or House Dustin, the Dreadfort or Barrowton.
    9: House Tully or House Mooton, Riverrun or Maidenpool.
    10: House Arryn or House Grafton, the Eyrie or Gulltown.
    11: House Tarth or House Estermont, Evenfall Hall or Greenstone.
    12: House Frey, the Twins.

    Select a house for each spouse.

    Spouse 1: Your choice.
    Spouse 2: Your choice.

    Roll the die to determine the gender of each child. Roll seven times initially. An odd number signifies a boy, and an even number signifies a girl. If you roll an 11 or 12, you have had twins; roll twice more to decide the genders of the twins.

    Namebank for first child/ren:
    Girl: Alla, Becca, Bellena, Cerenna, Della, Eglantine, Elinor, Ermesande, Falia, Helya, Irri, Leona, Liane, Masha, Naerys, Shirei, Talea, Victaria, Wylla, Yna.
    Boy: Alaric, Bayard, Cellador, Duncan, Dywen, Edwyd, Erren, Galladon, Garse, Lorimer, Manfred, Normund, Orwyle, Rickon, Samwell, Symon, Tarber, Tregar, Willam, Zachery.

    Namebank for second child/ren:
    Girl: Arya, Brella, Carellen, Ezzara, Grisella, Gwyneth, Janei, Jyanna, Kezmya, Layna, Mina, Randa, Rhae, Scolera, Senelle, Tya, Unella, Walda, Wynafrei, Ysilla.
    Boy: Addam, Colin, Dake, Elmar, Flement, Igon, Jyck, Kemmett, Lymond, Morgil, Morrec, Owen, Pate, Rodrik, Rupert, Sigfryd, Syrio, Urras, Vyman, Ygon.

    Namebank for third child/ren:
    Girl: Arianne, Bethany, Brea, Deana, Delonne, Emma, Erena, Harra, Jayde, Joanna, Lyra, Lythene, Maege, Mariya, Matrice, Meliana, Perra, Rohanne, Shyra, Ynys.
    Boy: Axell, Baelor, Brandon, Edwyn, Gillam, Gylbert, Haggon, Harrold, Holger, Illyrio, Jammos, Jonothor, Kyle, Lamprey, Lucas, Rasmus, Rennifer, Robert, Waymar, Yoren.

    Namebank for fourth child/ren:
    Girl: Amabel, Bellegere, Catelyn, Dacey, Delena, Elza, Frenya, Jayne, Kyra, Leana, Maerie, Marsella, Nymella, Olene, Perriane, Roelle, Serra, Talla, Tysha, Umma.
    Boy: Dagon, Danwell, Frenken, Gascoyne, Halys, Harwyn, Hyle, Jasper, Jeren, Kedge, Leo, Martyn, Narbert, Othell, Pypar, Quellon, Rawney, Sylas, Theodan, Todric.

    Namebank for fifth child/ren:
    Girl: Alerie, Berena, Cynthea, Daella, Dorea, Ellaria, Falyse, Frynne, Genna, Gysella, Jocelyn, Kella, Larra, Mellei, Myrielle, Nella, Obara, Rylene, Sybelle, Taena.
    Boy: Benedict, Byren, Calon, Chiggen, Crawn, Dennet, Dickon, Eggon, Emrick, Harrion, Kennos, Mandon, Mathis, Norjen, Orland, Polliver, Qyburn, Torrhen, Tytos, Urzen.

    Namebank for sixth child/ren:
    Girl: Alysanne, Belandra, Chella, Daena, Elaena, Falena, Gwynesse, Hazzea, Jonella, Jyzene, Lynesse, Margaery, Marissa, Nymeria, Osha, Ravella, Sallei, Sansa, Tanda, Zia.
    Boy: Borcas, Burton, Cregan, Enger, Farlen, Galtry, Kedry, Lyonel, Mallador, Medgar, Nymos, Omer, Parmen, Portifer, Quentin, Rickard, Rolfe, Soren, Tycho, Willamen.

    Namebank for seventh child/ren:
    Girl: Alannys, Asha, Bessa, Cassella, Cyrenna, Darlessa, Elia, Elyana, Helicent, Hostella, Janna, Loreza, Maegelle, Margot, Merianne, Morra, Palla, Rhaenys, Shiera, Zhoe.
    Boy: Ardrian, Benjen, Cotter, Garrett, Haegon, Iggo, Jaime, Jared, Joseth, Lewys, Myles, Norren, Ottyn, Sandor, Steffon, Sumner, Tobho, Victor, Walder, Yandry.

    Roll the die once for your spouse and each of your children. If you roll an 8, 9, 10 or 11, that person dies sometime within your lifetime. Roll again to discover how.
    1: Froze to death.
    2: Poison in their wine.
    3: Greyscale.
    4: Stabbed with a sword.
    5: Childbirth (if female) or in war (if male).
    6: Execution by decapitation.
    7: Being in the wrong place at the wrong time (interpret as you wish.)
    8: Drowned.
    9: Burned in a fire.
    10: Burned at the stake.
    11: A mysterious STD.
    12: Alcohol poisoning.
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    the scotland in my dreams.
    Spouse 1: Luna Frey of The Twins.
    Spouse 2: Torben Estermont of Greenstone.

    Torben dies after he is stabbed with a sword in a duel with a member of House Tarth, over a complicated land dispute that had been going on for decades. Duncan instantly becomes the heir, at the advanced age of 13.

    DS1: Duncan Estermont of Greenstone.
    Lives, thankfully, and can fulfill his duties as heir. Marries Lynesse Targaryen of Meereen. They have ten children:
    DGS1: Todric Estermont of Greenstone (heir.) Lives.
    DGD1: Talla Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGD2: Tanda Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGD3: Tya Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGS2: Theodan Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGD4: Taena Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGD5: Tyene Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGS3: Torrhen Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGS4: Tycho Estermont of Greenstone. Dies at 19 of a mysterious STD.
    DGS5: Tregar Estermont of Greenstone. Dies at 23 after freezing to death in the Night's Watch.

    DD1: Gwyneth Estermont of Greenstone.
    Dies. Killed in the aftermath of her father's death (stabbed by a sword). Got in the way. Very sad, as she was barely twelve at the time.

    DD2: Emma Estermont of Greenstone.
    Dies. Alcohol poisoning. Marries Haggon Frey of The Twins at age fifteen and is so miserable she has drunk herself to death by twenty. She does manage to have three children first:
    DGS1: Martyn Frey of The Twins. Lives.
    DGS2: Addam Frey of The Twins. Lives.
    DGD1: Morra Frey of The Twins. Dies aged 22, drowning in a shipwreck on her way to marry her cousin Joseth Baratheon of King's Landing.

    DS2: Sylas Estermont of Greenstone.
    Dies. He is in the wrong place at the wrong time -- namely, witnessing the spot in the woods where his wife and her lover have chosen to conduct their affair. His usurper challenges him to a duel immediately and Sylas is killed. Marries a cousin, Lythene Greyjoy of Pyke. They have two children before Sylas' untimely death:
    DGS1: Danwell Greyjoy of Pyke. Dies of alcohol poisoning at age 18 after a night of partying with his friends. At this stage, such a fate seems to be a hereditary affliction.
    DGS2: Samwell Greyjoy of Pyke. Lives.

    DD3: Berena Estermont of Greenstone.
    Lives. Marries Willamen Baratheon of King's Landing. They have seven children:
    DGD1: Brea Baratheon of King's Landing. Dies after her wine is poisoned by her mother-in-law, Mezzara Manderly of White Harbor, who had opposed Brea's marriage to her son Lothor Manderly.
    DGS1: Dagon Baratheon of King's Landing. Stabbed with a sword during a peasants' rebellion aged 26.
    DGD2: Loreza Baratheon of King's Landing. Dies of alcohol poisoning. Unlike other family members, Loreza had no particular reason to overdrink. She merely enjoyed it too much.
    DGS2: Joseth Baratheon of King's Landing. Lives.
    DGS3: Mandon Baratheon of King's Landing. Lives.
    DGS4: Jonothor Baratheon of King's Landing. Dies of greyscale aged seven.
    DGS5: Medgar Baratheon of King's Landing. Was with Dagon during the peasants' rebellion and is also killed, aged 18.

    DD4: Alysanne Estermont of Greenstone.
    Dies at age 44. In a sad echo of her older sister, she too succumbs to alcohol poisoning, although at a more advanced age. This follows the death of her husband and two oldest sons in the Sacking of Winterfell. Marries Norren Stark of Winterfell. They have six children:
    DGS1: Lucas Stark of Winterfell. Dies in the Sacking of Winterfell.
    DGS2: Steffon Stark of Winterfell. Dies in the Sacking of Winterfell.
    DGD1/DGS3: Garrett Stark of Winterfell/ Lives.
    Erena Stark of Winterfell. Lives.
    DGS4: Rodrik Stark of Winterfell. Lives.
    DGS5: Symon Stark of Winterfell. Lives.

    DS3: Victor Estermont of Greenstone.
    Lives. Marries Deana Tully of Riverrun. They have eight children:
    DGD1: Shirei Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGS1: Dake Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGD2: Serra Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGS2: Kedge Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGD3: Janna Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGS3: Lewys Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
    DGS4: Tobho Estermont of Greenstone. Dies by drowning in a tragic childhood accident, aged 10.
    DGD4: Elza Estermont of Greenstone. Lives.
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    DH: Conrad Bolton from the Dreadfort
    DW: Melina Tyrell from Highgarden

    DD: Victaria Bolton. Died from childbirth
    DS: Rupert Bolton
    DS: Edwyn Bolton
    DD: Kyra Bolton. Died from poisoning
    DS: Mathis Bolton
    DS: Rolfe Bolton, executed by decapatation
    DD: Asha Bolton, burned at the stake
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Spouse 1: Rhys Jernigan, House Tarth, Evenfall Hall (Executed by decapitation)
    Spouse 2: Rosyn Pryce Jernigan, House Greyjoy, Pyke.

    DD: Cerenna Elinor
    DD: Gwyneth Arya
    DD: Lyra Rohanne (Being in the wrong place at the wrong time )
    DD: Amabel Maerie (Drowned)
    DS: Calon Polliver (Poison in their wine)
    DD: Sansa Alysanne
    DD: Margot Alannys
    Violet Gray
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    Husband: Phineas Reid, House Tully, Riverrun
    Wife: Gwenyth Eve, House Arryn, the Eyrie

    Boy: Willam Alaric
    Boy: Owen Rodrik - Drowned.
    Twin Girl: Lyra Mariya
    Twin Girl: Bethany Arianne
    Boy: Jasper Theodan
    Boy: Benedict Mathis
    Girl: Zia Gwynesse - Childbirth
    Twin Girl: Margot Cyrenna
    Twin Boy: Garrett Myles - Wrong place at the wrong time
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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