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    Jemima Catterwall: House Martell, Sunspear.
    Wilder McVay: House Greyjoy, Pyke.

    Wylla Shirei
    Arya Senelle
    Bethany Lyra *Beth* (dies of alcohol poisoning) & Jayde Matrice (burned in a fire)
    Theodan Halys *Theo* (drowned)
    Dickon Polliver (executed by decapitation)
    Lyonel Soren *Lyle*
    Margot Cyrenna (frozen to death) & Jared Iggo

    Jemima & Wilder with Wylla, Arya, Beth & Jayde, Theo, Dickon, Lyle, and Margot & Jared
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Spouse 1: Emrys Jolyon, House Estermont of Greenstone
    Spouse 2: Ennia Rosanne, House Hightower of Oldtown

    1. Leona Eglantine
    2. Gwyneth Arya - dies in a fire
    3. Bethany Lyra - drowns
    4. Jasper Sylas
    5. Mathis Benedict
    6. Rickard Rolfe - dies stabbed with a sword
    7. Margot Elia

    Emrys Jolyon of House Estermont with Ennia Rosanne of House Hightower with Leona, Gwyneth (deceased), Bethany (deceased), Jasper, Mathis, Rickard (deceased) and Margot.

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    DW: Catelyn 'Cate' Stark of White Harbor
    DH: Manfred 'Freddie' Mooton of Riverrun

    DD: Naerys Mooton of Riverrun (Dies from greyscale at 12)
    DS: Rodrik Mooton of Riverrun
    DD: Emma Mooton of Riverrun (Burned at the stake at 20)
    DS: Sylas Mooton of Riverrun (Drowned at 5)
    DD: Genna Mooton of Riverrun
    DD: Alysanne Mooton of Riverrun
    DD: Bessa Mooton of Riverrun (Freezes to death at 35)

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    Good, let's kill'em all.

    The Meereen Targaryen's branch through King Mahghar Targaryen's line has experienced less sorrow than their more ill-fated Targaryens ancestors. It is said that his wife, lucky Queen Daryana Martell, has brought too much luck, the two of them died of boring old age. The King was crazily enamoured with the once Dornish princess, his gallant display of love & loyalty must've pleased the gods to boredom that they had let them live long & had many children.

    Their children had the most odd-looking appearance. Prince Tregar, the eldest, had the burnt Dornish skin but the hair & eyes of a Targaryen, everyone was already scared at that oddity even before he had started torturing them (a healthy sign of a Targaryen child). He will die very old & bitter from the lack of excitement the slaves had provided him.

    Prince Ygon, the second eldest son, was much more luckier. Learning from Tregar, he took every desperate measure in search for the extremes. Having lucky Queen Daryana's blessing, though, he was very hard to kill. Illnesses nor wounds cannot severe him. So he orchestrated a feud between families of several angry Houses and agreed to help one of them. He died in the war with a smile on his face.

    Princess Shyra, the first daughter, is unfortunately peace loving. After all, she didn't have the Targaryen look, aside from occasional cruelties. Their parents wed her to Tregar, but it only drove Tregar even mad because their ten children had a much more exciting life. One that includes dying young (which breaks Shyra's heart) and diseases and so. Shyra will die old without her children in her deathbed.

    The second eldest daughter, Princess Frenya the beautiful, has a more internal madness. When her brother-husband, Ygon, was set to war, she was marching beside him with their twenty children & dragons. In a completely satiric move, she took her own life out of sorrow by drowning herself when the old Ygon died smiling in the war. Fire cannot kill a dragon. Water does.

    Prince Kennos was a shame to the family. He died unmarried, he didn't like women after all. He exiled himself to some land far away and died of old age there. When he died, his dragons came back to the palace to deliver his body. The old King & Queen was so ashamed, they told Kennos' dragons to burn their own master.

    The twins Princess Daena & Prince Nymos were husband & wife. They had believed that they're soul mates since the day they were born, their looks resembling King Mahghar & Queen Daryana themselves. They had also inherited their parents' dramatic love story, at least it's exciting since Nymos got to kill several of his competitors throughout their marriage. Daena herself hid the fact that she was unfaithful, and so did Nymos. But the excitement & passion of love kept them young, they had thirty children and a city full of dragons & grandchildren. They died holding hands, and they were burnt in the same funeral pyre.

    The twin princesses Rhaenys & Merianne lived long after their parents died. After their passing, the good luck seemed to ran out. Which is good since the twin princesses were very much Targaryens, with platinum hair & striking violet eyes. Rhaenys was a good warrior and wasn't much as a good spy as her twin was. Rhaenys was beheaded somewhere in the South when she was delivering messages. It turned out those messages were Merianne's plan to start another conquest, anyway. And Merianne got what she wanted. Merianne became the most feared conqueror, he managed to sit her children as kings & queens of the Realm. Without question, Merianne died very old & very satisfied, finally had what her "lucky" older siblings never had.

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    Spouse 1: Denis of House Grafton, Gulltown
    Spouse 2: Preslie of House Martell, Sunspear

    DD: Alla "Ali" Grafton
    DD: Brella Grafton
    DS: Brandon "Bran" Grafton
    DS: Gascoyne Grafton (Wrong place at the wrong time; an assassination attempt was made on Denis when Gascoyne was only 9, and, sadly, Gascoyne's life was cut short (too short) when he got caught in the crossfire after coming in from playing hide-and-seek with Brella, Bran, and Crawn. The would-be assassin was apprehended, tried, sentenced, and beheaded.)
    DS: Crawn Grafton
    DD: Falena "Lena" Grafton
    DS: Jamie Grafton

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