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    A Brother for Penelope?

    We are due with a baby boy in October, and my husband and I are having difficulty with names.

    I love Oliver, he loves Henry.

    Other names on our list are -

    Samuel (my mother is Samantha, but our surname starts with an S too, although it has a "Shhh" sound)
    Patrick (My grandfathers name, whom I adored. Really only considering as a middle name as I don't want 2 children with names that start with P)

    We have to avoid all M starting names, and all names ending in S. That unfortunately rules out Thomas, James, Atticus, Angus

    Our surname is also 1 syllable, so we'd like to avoid single syllable first names. Which rules out Finn,
    George, and Jack.

    My husbands favourite combo is Henry Alexander, and mine is Oliver Patrick. We are open to suggestions and opinions!

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    I think both of you combos are great!!!
    I would suggest the following combos though...
    Sebastian Oliver
    Julian Patrick
    Spencer Henry
    Elliot Alexander
    Roscoe Oliver
    Quentin Alexander
    Maxwell Oliver

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    Thank you! I love Sebastian, Spencer & Elliot, but close friends of mine have called their sons these names. My husband vetoed Julian, Roscoe & Quentin. It seems so much harder for us to settle on a boys name than a girls, both of us were expecting to have another girl!

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    Out of your listed names I love Theodore Patrick with Penelope but if I was choosing I would go with:
    Hugo Vincent So handsome with Penelope
    Out of interest what would her name be if it was a girl?
    current favorite names:



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    I love Hugo, but it's my dog's name! So out, unfortunately. If we had a girl it was going to be Evelyn Kate (Evie). We call our daughter Penny most of the time.

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