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    Violet, Daisy, and ??

    If you met a trio of sisters name Violet, Daisy, and Tessa would it bother you? Does the third girl have to have a flower/nature name if the first two do? I have loved Violet for a long time and it honors my husbands grandmother Viola. Daisy is one of those "on again off again" names for me but recently I have been LOVING it. I love how happy and bright it seems, especially next to the softer and more mysterious Violet. (At least that how they seem to me.)

    My issue is girl #3. I don't love another flower name and although Violet and Daisy are very much flower names, I am using Violet to honor a Viola so it seems less flowery. Does that make any sense? So if I were to have a third little lady, her name would most likely not be a flower. Besides the flower connection the names are also from books I love which would most likely be a connection between all three names.

    What do you think berries? Violet, Daisy, and Tessa/Gemma/Eliza/Isla/Juno/Lydia/Lola/Margot/Liv....?
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    Thinking about...
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    I'd change Violet to Violette--a bit less floral, I think. But it's not a big deal in any case.

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    It's not a big deal, but it would kind of bug me. I see you have Margot on your list, which works out great because my first thought when I read the post was to swap out Daisy for Margot (since it's a diminutive, you could still use Daisy as a nn). Violet, Margot, and Tessa are sublime.

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    It bother me a little bit. I immediately think of my great-aunts, who were all named after flowers. Violet, Daisy, Iris, Laurel, Pansy, Petunia, Rosemary. It would probably make wonder if the first two and Tessa had different fathers (or mothers) and hence the different taste in names. That's usually when I see big differences, but by no means is it always the case.

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    It would not bother me, I would just be curious as to why the third girl didn't have a flower name.

    With Violet and Daisy, I particularly like: Gemma, Isla, and Lydia. I noticed that you have Willow in your signature, what about Violet, Daisy and Willow? Then all of them would have nature names. Are there any other nature names that you like that would fit well in the sibset?

    Some Suggestions
    Flora or Fleur - you might not like these two as they are flower names though.

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