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    Red face Help...Adriana, Ariana, Arayah, or??????

    Which name do you like the best for a GIRL???? Or if you have any suggestions please post!!!!!!!!

    1. Ariana Rose Bowman
    2. Adriana Rose Bowman (Adri) (And mother's first name is Adrienne, but she doesn't go by it)
    3. Arayah Rose Bowman
    4. Tennyson Rose Bowman
    5. Emberlyn Rose Bowman (Ember)
    6. Sawyer Phoenix Bowman
    7. Audrina Rose Bowman
    8. Adria Rose Bowman
    9. Genesis Sawyer Bowman

    Please help me choose the prettiest and trendiest name!!!!!!! And the most unique because I live in a very small town and I want a one of a kind name or at least a name that isn't used much!!!!!

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    Well, if you want something unique, Rose is not the way to go for the middle name. It's one of the most common middles.

    I would also avoid Arayah, as it will be hard to spell and pronounce.

    I think Ariana is fairly common, and Adriana is less common but still a well-known name. The others are all pretty unusual, trendier names.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    Which Name?????

    Which one do you like the best out of the ones I listed if you had to choose????

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    I think Ariana Rose is an awesome name.
    Theodore Arthur

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    Hmmm... I have two that I am contemplating between.

    I am going to go with Audrina Rose as my top pick.

    Good luck in choosing a name!

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