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    I think these are usable.
    Poet (u)
    Anthem (b)
    Apollo (b)
    Arrow (b)
    Argo (b)
    Story (u)
    Caesar (b)
    Remembrance (g)

    I don't think these are very usable.
    Chaos (b)
    Chief (b)
    General (b)
    Chief and General would be confusing as title names. I agree that Chaos doesn't seem like a very positive trait and when using word names meaning is everything.

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    Poet - I wouldn't use it since I think it's a bit much, especially when being in school. But it's not unusable.
    Anthem - no
    Apollo - yes, it reminds me of rockets but I think it's somewhat usable
    Arrow - where's the bow? pointing to what? Not very usable to me.
    Argo - only reminds me of the movie. I've never seen it so the association isn't very heavy.
    Story - time? I think most people would find it usable but I think it's odd.
    Remembrance - otherwise people would forget her? A tad too much.
    Caesar - is like Sherlock or Shakespeare to me, a one person name. It's going to be hard for any little boy to "live up" to that image.
    Chaos - so he can tell you that he was destined to live that way when you tell him to tidy up his room?
    Chief - I wouldn't do it since it's a rank but it's not too bad
    General - same as above but in general, rank names don't rank very high in my book
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    Usable as a first or middle:
    Poet (u)- I love Poet and Poem as names! I've definitely read of people named this, though haven't met one.
    Arrow (b)- Unconventional, but I think it could work.
    Story (u)- Lovely and definitely usable. It's one of the more common non-nature word names.

    Maybe... probably better as a middle:
    Apollo (b)- A bit pretentious to me to name your child after a god, though I guess I'm a hypocrite since I'm totally okay with Athena and Persephone
    Caesar (b)- It's an actual and established name, but I think of Caesar salad (not bad, just odd) and Julius Caesar (not a great association).

    Not usable:
    Anthem (b)- Just seems a bit odd.
    Argo (b)- I can only think of the movie, so can't see it as a name.
    Remembrance (g)- Remembrance Day is too tragic a connotation for me.
    Chaos (b)- Has an awful meaning, like, you want your child to create chaos?
    Chief (b)- Also a bit pretentious since chief can have the meaning of best/highest-ranked/most superior
    General (b)- I wouldn't want my child's name associated with war, and with the phrase "in general" it seems like you're naming your kid Vague or Unspecific.
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    Chaos seems like asking for trouble. I also wouldn't use Chief or General because they seem potentially offensive to people who have earned those titles.

    I like Poet, Apollo, Arrow, and Story. Arrow's really been growing on me lately, actually. I think it would fit right in with all the other short O-ending boy names gaining popularity.
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    Apollo and Arrow, yes I can see them working, the others no.

    Remembrance = Remembrance Day is not something I would want to have connections to my child's name. Also you have the connections to war.

    Chief and General would be deemed illegal in Australia anyway and be rejected by Births, Deaths and Marriages as you cannot name your child anything titular (Justice, Prince, ect).
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