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    Samson: a boys name untouchable by girls :)

    When DH and I were first discussing boys' names he suggested Hercules... And no, he wasn't joking The next name he suggested was Samson. Not quite as OTT as Hercules, but still makes a pretty big statement. All the history and imagery is a lot for a kid to pull off, right? But... Since hubby's a big muscly guy, and I'm a tall woman, we're likely to have a big boy. So the name should suit him.

    Samson made quite a big jump in popularity over the last year, so I think it is becoming more mainstream. What I love about the name:
    It sounds handsome & strong
    The nickname Sam
    Will fit in with other biblical names in our family: Mathew, Mark, Lucas, Elijah, Josiah, Asher and Joshua.
    Girls can't steal it!!!

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    I don't see what makes it unusable at all, if anything is seems quite vanilla to me especially with nn Sam. And the history is certainly no less manageable than Abraham, for instance?

    I like it a lot, I really do. It's got such an airy, fun feeling whilst remaining ancient - similar to Ezra, Solomon, Tobias etc.

    (although please refrain from using the phrase 'girls can't steal it' as if a hint of femininity makes it disgusting and unusable for a boy. Unisex names are quite awful in my opinion, but not for that reason)
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    Wow, I used to think it was quite bold to give a boy a name like Samson. But to think of naming a girl Samson brings it to a whole new level...

    Hmmm... It got me thinking about a friend of mine in primary school called Samantha nn Sam. She loved her name Sam until a new boy joined our class called Samuel nn Sam. She didn't want to be called Sam anymore as she felt it was a boys names. She wanted to be known as Sammy.

    I do believe that when copious amounts of girls are given a 'unisex' name it does become unusable for a boy.

    I know a guy called Sasha and every time he introduces himself to someone new, they say, "Sasha?! That's a girl's name". He always responds with, "Yeah, I know". You have to think about how this would psychologically affect a guy. I'm not sure if he's straight or gay - that's none of my business - but he does come across as quite feminine, and he works in a female dominated industry. Would his life panned out differently if he had a more masculine name??

    When females - especially high profile ones, such as celebrities have masculine names, they somehow do become feminine. Think Drew and Cameron. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this, but as much as I love the name Cameron, I'm apprehensive about naming my son that due to the strong association to the gorgeous Cameron Diaz. Cameron suits her, and now to me it seems like a female name.

    Other names that I feel unusable are Elliot, Dylan and Ashley. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to James.

    Sure, an adult can easily say it's cool to give kids unisex names, but think how those kids feel at school or in the playground. Boys might get teased for having a girls name, and vice versa...

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    Samson is a lovely name with a solid history and a lot of strength (no pun intended).

    As for names getting "stolen by the girls" or becoming unusable because they are used by both genders... I'd had males and females named Jordan, Jamie, Harley, and others, and no one has broken down into tears yet.
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    I like Samson, it is really rare and very handsome.

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