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    help with character in paper for american literature class!

    In school, my class is currently reading a lot of Edgar Allen Poe. So, my teacher told us to write a 3 page short story that has to be a horror story, something very Poe-esqe. In Poe's stories, he usually has named his characters with last names that mean "lucky." For example, he had a "Prospero" and "Fortunato." If anyone could think of a surname that could mean lucky, please let me know!
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    You're misunderstanding in that Prince Prospero was a first name, not a last name. Fortunato could have been either but both stories were set in Italy. Poe used names that fit his settings, such as with The Fall of the House of Usher. Choose your setting first. Then decide who your character is. Many Gothic settings will use Latinate names or aristocratic names for the hero and ingénue names for the damsel in distress. Thus you get Edward Rochester and Jane; Heathcliff and Catherine; Maxim and the unnamed bride in Rebecca; Hepzibah in A House of Seven Gables; Wilfred Ivanhoe and Rowena, etc.

    Probably the best author of more modern times to use this formula is Joyce Carol Oates. But you can go back to the novels of Phyllis Whitney and Barbara Michaels and Mary Stewart to see the formula. Or even television -- look at the names used in the Gothic Dark Shadows, which was heavily influenced by Poe. The Collins family had Barnabas, Edward, Jamison, Quentin, Judith, Elizabeth, Josette, Maggie (the ingénue), etc.

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