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    A Sister for Walter

    We named our baby boy Walter 3 years ago and I have been so pleased with his name! He mostly goes by Walt, and it suits his personality perfectly and goes well with our German 3-syllable last name. We're expecting a little girl in less than 2 weeks, and still can't choose a name! We have a middle picked out (it has family meaning), but not a first. It's difficult to find something that goes with our unusual (though classic) boy name and that we can both agree on. We're not wild about alliteration, so W names are out. Here's our list. Any thoughts or other suggestions?

    Penelope Afton (nn Penny)
    Jane Afton
    Isannah Afton
    Gwyneth Afton
    Celia Afton

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    I love Jane and Celia with Walter!

    My grandfather's name was Walter, and his sister's name was Lillian. Another suggestion is Amelia.
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    Love Gwyneth with Walter so great!!!
    I would add...
    Dorothea (nn Dorothy or Thea)
    Lucille (nn Lucy)
    Sylvia (nn Sylvie)
    - Sylvie and Walt sounds cute

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    ^I agree with jsharris18! I love Gwyneth with Walter : )

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    Wow great list! Any of those names pair perfectly with Walter, but I think my favourite is Jane.

    Walter is on my list too. Other names I like for Walter's sister are: June, Susannah, Josephine, Eliza or Greta.

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