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    With Noah now being the number one name I'm very concerned that if DF and I ever have a son (who will be named Noah Rupert unless I can talk DF into a different name) he will be one of many in his class and will have to go by Noah A. all though school. My mom works at a daycare and says in the last 21 years there have only been 3 Noahs. I was wondering how many Noahs you know?

    My other question is do you think Noah and Malachi make good brothers? Is Malachi (nicknamed Kai) to strong/hard of a name next to tbe soft Noah?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    I'm in Australia, and I've only known one Noah (brother to Jonah). And I love love love Noah and Malachi together! Both are such strong, handsome Biblical names- they make a wonderful sibset.

    Just remember- even if Noah is one of many kids named Noah in his class, yes it would be frustrating and annoying for him, but, in the scheme of things, school really isn't that long.
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    I don't know any Noah's. It may be a little different sound wise from Malachi, but the origin is the same so it doesn't seem strange to me. I would find it more odd to have a trendy unique name that sounds more alike.

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    I have only known two boys named Noah, no adults. We wanted a name for our son that was not hugely popular. Vetoed names we loved because we knew way too many. After he was born, his name took off where we lived. It actually never really bothered us. My son says it doesn't/wouldn't bother him either way, having a name that is popular or one that is mostly unheard of. I think Noah and Malachi make a great sibling set.

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    Noah isn't popular enough to be one of many in his classes. Remember that when you combine all variant spellings, Noah is no longer #1. It's still top ten, but the top ten names of 2013 aren't nearly as abundant as the top ten names of 1993.

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