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    Narrowed Down my List - Top 6: Which One is Your Fave?

    I am re-doing my poll because I regret having chosen to close the last one so early. I am going to keep this one open for a little longer and I have narrowed down my list just a tad.

    Names taken out:

    X Adelaide - The top name with the most votes in the last poll was Adelaide, but I have decided to take this name out, for I no longer seem to like the name as much as I did before (Adelaide is now #13 on Nameberry and that is just a tad too common for me)
    X Carrington
    X Leyre
    X Leire

    The remaining names for the poll are:
    Violante* (I would rather not hear opinions about this name being too close to violent or that you personally disagree with it; it is a legitimate name and holds no personal meaning in French to me)

    I would like to know which one is your favourite out of these top six Any comments/suggestions/opinions are welcome!
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