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    I know nothing about the name so it doesn't bother me.. Does it mean the same thing as Tadhg? Because if it doesn't, you could think about that one.

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    Taig/Teague is a word that carries a legacy of ethnic violence, and it evokes painful memories for those who remember "the Troubles". Friends and their parents have told us stories about Protestant men, some of them police officers, chasing young Catholic girls near Bogside chanting "any taig will do" as they swung baseball bats and sticks to taunt them and harass them. Conversely, I also know some old Loyalist who refuse to let go of their old ways and openly refer to Catholics as Taigs, and they are being less than kind while doing it. I can sense the venom in the way they pronounce the word, like I do with other racial slurs coming out of racist mouths.

    When we came to America, my husband and I were shocked by how little otherwise proud Irish-Americans understood about Northern Ireland's recent past. The word apparently means nothing in America, but in Northern Ireland it would be unthinkable to say Taig outloud, much less use it as name. Or at least that was the case among the circles we met and the people who openly shared their experiences about growing up Catholic in the 60s and 70s in Northern Ireland.

    Every place in the world has dark moments and certain words that reopen old wounds. This is why I believe this name is a no-can't-do. For your son, for your family, and for the people who were touched by this word, consider other names.
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    @faithnamer - Teague is the anglicized form of Tadhg, so no.

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    I think it would be a bit of a bad choice to pick that name, there isn't a lot of people that would identify with it but you never know where your child might end up. Think about their future, it probably isn't too likely but what if they land a job in Northern Ireland or somehow manages to come in contact with anyone there, I think they'd consider it quite offensive and your child might end up in a really uncomfortable position.
    If you're all about celtic related names, there's also the name Tegen which means pretty little thing in cornish. It is a far cry from the Northern Ireland connection your husband and you have but it still is part of the same group of languages and quite similar to the one you want.

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    I know shamefully little about 'the Troubles' for a half Irish girl who spends a lot of time in Ireland. Until about 5 minutes ago I loved the name Tadhg but, after googling Taig, I would be hesitant to use it. On Wikipedia I saw it compared to the use of the n word, and you wouldn't name your child that. It's a shame, it's a lovely sounding name with a great meaning. However, I am not sure on the level of offense it causes nowadays, and it is in the Irish top 100 so you might be ok.

    I dislike the anglicised Teague, is it even pronounced the same as Tadhg or is it rhyming with league?
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