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    Potentially offensive name - yes or no?

    My husband and I are expecting baby #2 in early fall and are making our boy name list. I came across (and subsequently have come to adore) the name Teague. My hopes were dashed, however, when I began to read that it is potentially offensive. Here is one bit I read on Behind the Names: "This is a religious slur and derogatory term, often used by loyalists in Northern Ireland in anti-Catholic slogans. However, Teague is considered a more contemporary self-identifier adopted by the very people the term is meant to slur, while Taig remains a slur in almost every context."

    We obviously do not want to choose an offensive name or be ignorant to a name's historical significance. My husband is Catholic, I am Protestant, and we both share an Irish heritage. We wouldn't want to insult the people, country, or religion that we would be trying to honor by choosing a name with Irish ties.

    Do you know of any ways of confirming if Teague is still considered a slur today? In your opinion, would this be a good or bad name choice (given this information)? Would you feel comfortable using it?

    P.S. We live in the United States

    Thank you for your advice!!

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    I would never consider it because I used to live in Northern Ireland (though I am American and live in America now). It's unfortunate, because Teague is actually an Irish name from my own family.

    If I understand correctly, Teague is the Anglicized version of Taig. Taig is just so incredibly offensive that it ruined the name for me. However, it is a bit of a grey area because most Americans know nothing about it. I'd be uncomfortable using it. I mean, it's kind of like naming your kid the n-word.

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    Wow -- I had no idea about all this. I am half Irish (most of my father's family still lives over there -- though in the southern part), so this is very interesting and very shocking. I've actually never heard of that name before at all. I did go to high school with someone named Tqe (pronounced TEE-k). It's not here on NB, so I have no idea of its heritage -- he was just an average guy with no obvious cultural background -- but maybe that could be another option?

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    I had never heard that! I would love to hear an explanation!

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    Teagan is a related name you could use to avoid any potential awkwardness.
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