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    the overwhelming "Nameberry taste"

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    I know what you mean. Partly, though, I think it's because you tend to notice names you are thinking about more. I don't really bother with threads when I don't have any opinion on the names being discussed, there are lots of names I neither like nor dislike and there are certainly a lot of threads discussing those. I like a lot of the names you listed, but not all of them. There are also definitely a lot of threads where I look at the names being discussed and think, "Oh Christ no, ugh", but I don't comment on those because that's not a helpful comment.

    If you're annoyed that names you like are being mentioned a lot, remember that. They might just look like they are being mentioned a lot because you home in on that. However, there are also trends within naming as we all know, and the fact is those names you mentioned are trending upwards. As much as we would all like to believe we are individuals and we are responsible for our own tastes... well, that's not really true. Pretty much all of us conform to trends, that's why they exist, otherwise there would be an even spread of all names. There's no shame in it, it's normal, and it's obviously mostly subconscious. To a certain extent, your preferences are based on other people's preferences, and there's not really anything you can do about it.

    In everyday life you don't get saturated so much with the trends - you only know a certain number of new babies and pregnant women in real life. But on here you get the full force, which is perhaps not the healthiest
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    I can see what you're saying, I've also noticed a couple times that when someone is asking a question they aren't always getting the help they're looking for, it seems like instead of trying to help answer the specific questions people have that they are offering alternatives based on their own opinions/styles/taste instead of trying to help answer the questions within the guidelines the person asked for or that are more their style. I think that what you're saying about the "nameberry style" comes into play here, I see a lot of similar names being suggested and talked about and when I see a new idea thrown out there it's disappointing to see what it is met with sometimes. It's discouraging to see people asking for help and instead being bombarded with everyone's personal opinions instead of helpful advice and suggestions based on the other person's tastes, not your own. When I answer questions I try to help give suggestions that pertain to that person's tastes, and I either give my opinion when it is asked or I say that it's not exactly my taste but here are the ones I like best, etc. I just feel like sometimes there could be some more constructive comments made, more optimistic helpful comments, and that thinking about what the other person's style is would be more beneficial to them, instead of sidestepping their opinions to try to push something else on them because you don't like their taste. (I'm not talking about anyone specifically, I don't keep tabs when I see this and I've also seen many many helpful replies made by many nameberries, I'm just saying maybe this is something we should all try to keep in mind when replying to someone's questions).

    On a different note, here are some names that are similar to the ones above!

    Carlotta alternative for Charlotte
    Bellatrix alternative for Beatrice
    Lisbeth alternative for Elizabeth/Eliza
    Elisabetta alternative for Elizabeth/Eliza
    Coral alternative for Coral
    Sora alternative for Cora

    Oops you said boys! I got sidetracked after writing all that! Here are some boys:

    -er ending:

    ot- beginning:

    -is ending:

    Milton (close in appearance to Milo)
    Zelig/Selig (means happy, same as Felix)

    Clement (means merciful, same as Milo)

    Calhoun, Holt, Silvius, Sylvan, Foster, Delano, Mori (meanings same as or similar to Silas)

    Chester, Dexter, Porter, Prosper, Garner (Latin, -er ending like Oliver)

    Alric, Aurik, Arno, Bardo, Boden, Beno, Bertram, Drexel, Hamlin, Harlan, Ivo, Ingo, Mathis, Leonard, Moritz, Saxon, Theobald, Ullric (2 syllable German like Otis)

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    I sometimes feel like if you love names that are popular like Emma or Sophia you will get judged for not being original. I also think some names are viewed as more "stylish" than others especially on nameberry. I know this is rediculous, but I feel like if I have a daughter named Mackayla and I meet someone with a daughter named Michaela, they will look down upon me and consider themselves superior to me because my daughter has a "tacky" name spelling (I actually prefer Michaela to Mackayla, just saying) I also don't like how people see names as "styles," for instance "Isla is a very Stylish name, while Jaxon is horrible and tacky!" Names are not clothes, there are no "uncool names" "stylish names" and "tacky names." Well, maybe there are, but not officially. It's completely based on one's own opinion. I don't know if that's what you mean, but...
    I did used to pick the names I like based on the names other people/Nameberry didn't like, for instance I would hate the name Sophia once I saw that it was number one, and I would hate the name Charlotte, once I saw it being discussed so much on Nameberry. I hated the trendy names until I discovered Nameberry, which is against trendy names so then I thought "well, there's nothing really wrong with trendy names!" because I wanted to be "different from the crowd."
    I am sort of the opposite from you. When I hear names like Isla, Charlotte, Milo, etc, which I used to like, I think "oh my gosh I hate those names" even though without the influence of Nameberry, I would love them. I'm trying to learn to accept names no matter what everyone else thinks of them because I just found it so confusing trying to "be different."
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