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    Do you switch to a different ob?

    I am expecting baby #4, just 5 weeks along. I've scheduled an appointment with the doctor that has been my doctor for my last two babies. (My first was born in a different state, and he has only delivered one. The 3rd was born on the floor in front of the elevators and delivered by some lovely nurses. haha.) I've never had any trouble with him, and he's generally a nice doctor who has listened to my concerns. Sometimes the office staff has been trouble, but I think that happens most places.

    I've been thinking about switching ob's, only because I never have felt very connected with the doctor/don't always love the big-ob-practice feel. Just a general feeling of discontent. The doctor has always listened to my needs, so, again, I've never had problems. My deliveries have all been problem free. I wonder if it's just new pregnancy horomones, etc.

    I don't want to tell friends that I'm expecting yet in order to ask for suggestions. I've been looking online, and it seems like most doctors have both good and bad reviews. And how do I know that it won't be the same/worse elsewhere?

    I've looked into Nurse Midwives, and I feel like they would probably run into the same problems, as most in my area are also at large, impersonal practices, and I'm against the idea of having a midwife at home. What would you do? Would you switch? Or is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?

    Thanks for sticking around for so long! I need some moms to talk to!
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    I have perhaps a unique perspective as I am a doctor (not an OB) but also, twice, a maternity patient. I think selecting a physician is hard. I probably care about different criteria than most women in terms of credentials and training, but at the end of the day you want someone affable, able and with whom you get along.

    Most doctors are 'good enough.' They'll manage you adequately, your outcomes will be the same as with anyone else, and you'll come away decently satisfied with the experience. That seems to be your case-- this OB is fine, but you wonder if there is something more out there?

    As a doctor I can tell you to take patient reviews with a grain of salt. Most of them seem to focus on petty externalities-- rude office staff or long wait times, things that have nothing to do with the skill and personality of your doctor. A personal recommendation is worthwhile to consider-- do you have friends who have been happy with their OBS?

    To be honest, most obstetricians nowadays are in group practice that spread call amongst as many people as possible; partners deliver each other's patients, to allow the doctors to have some semblance of a controllable life. This is usually true of nurse-midwives as well, except those in boutique private practice with extremely small patient panels. You almost need to review the entire practice to see if you get along reasonably well with all partners, as there is a chance any of them could deliver you.

    Having personal insight into your previous deliveries is very valuable. Knowing, for example, that your third was an extremely precipitous birth might change your doctor's management protocols (i.e. admitting you earlier, checking you more frequently, timing his/her management of other women's labors accordingly).
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    I switched OB between my second and third delivery. My first delivery was stillborn. My original OB was fantastic, very sensitive, had great expertise and a fantastic reputation.

    Then my insurance changed.

    I asked around from my friends to hear about OBs they are happy with. I wanted someone high-risk, dealing with diabetes, other issues, and I got lots of references. I am very happy with my current OB who was with me through my third pregnancy and birth.

    Talk to real people, to go the office, interview, and see what happens!

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    I loved my OB in Washington, who delivered our first three. Then, for the first half of pregnancy #4, I had a high-risk OB here in Greater Los Angeles that was ridiculously bad. He had no bedside manner, and that is an understatement. Talked to his computer and hardly glanced at me, basically. Hours and hours of waiting for him, only to have to leave the waiting room a few times, including right before we were supposed to have our "big" ultrasound (childcare makes things more complicated!).

    It took me a long time to work up the nerve to switch, but he made a pretty big mistake when talking to me about something related to a medication and I just didn't get the feeling he gave a cr@p about me as a human. Was (am) much, much happier with my new doctor.

    I guess my point is, ask yourself whether you feel that the doctor has a reasonable level of "caring for you as a person". If not, switch.

    I didn't want to rock the boat but ended up being very glad I did.
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    I'm probably one of few who switched halfway through my pregnancy. I was originally seeing a high risk doctor, and switched to a midwife practice ran out of the same office.

    Both were great, I had no problems with the original doctor, but felt more comfortable, supported, and understood by the midwives. The practice is about a dozen of them, I've met with all but one and only disliked one (a personality clash, really, I'm sure she was a fine midwife).

    In your case, I'd likely switch by interviewing other practitioners until I found one I connected with
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