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    Is it possible to use James as the first name? Or is James your DH's name? I love James Harrison Hinchey. It seems to flow much more naturally than Harrison James Hinchey.
    Have you considered just Harris? Harris James Hinchey works well.
    I think Finn is okay with Hinchey, as long as it's a nickname for either Griffin or Finnigan. That way the written form looks a little less rhyme-y, and mostly people will just be calling "Finn" aloud, not "Finn Hinchey!"
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    Thank-you for the suggestion @emsky Finnighan is a great idea for the full name. I can see what you are saying about the rhyming. We are thinking Finn Sinclair (family name) Hinchey might work a bit better. But yes--then you still have the "finn" "Hinn".

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    Hi @mulme944,

    Thank-you very much for the suggestions! You are right James Harrison Hinchey does flow much better!
    We could use it as a first name potentially. We just really like the first names Harrison and Finn--the middle names we were totally open to.

    I really like your suggestion to just use "Harris" if we go with the Harrison option.

    Also I agree--and thank-you for your suggestion to use Griffin if we go with Finn. Like you said that way we would just be calling him "Finn" outloud--not Finn Hinchey!

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