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    baby Number four to join Jude, Lucy And Skye

    Baby number 4 arrives in 2 months. We have been torturing ourselves over the name. We have a beatles theme going and also like short (4 letter names). We are not in love with the well Known, Rita, Vera suggestions.

    Hers what we are down to:

    Ruby Elle Greene
    Ella Ruby Greene
    Penelope Elle Greene ( nickname Penny)

    So Ruby is just a play on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, only it is Rubies. I love this name, but don't love how it goes with our last name. However it is my son"s favorite.

    Ella short for Eleanor Rigby, with same initials E.R. This is my husbands favorite. It seems a bit uninspired to me.

    Penelope nn Penny is my favorite. We don't want just Penny because of our last name. Hubby does not like the length of this name, but will "live with it", I just love the name.

    Oh, Elle was my grandmas name. Hubby has vetoed it for a first name.
    So what are your thoughts. Please be honest, I can take it

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    So you guys really love The Beatles?
    At first I thought that Eleanor Rigby was one of the choices!
    What about Anna, Mary, Joan, Rose? Skye isn't a name in their song, so you could also go with Abby (Abbey Road).
    Of the names on your list, I like Ella Ruby Greene the best.

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    I don't really think Ruby would be the absolute best because then all of the names have the stressed sound "oo" except Skye. I like your Beatles songs theme!
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    Belle? ( belle...). Ruby is sweet, too!

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    My favorite from your list is definitely Penelope. I think Ruby is too much of a stretch for your theme and would worry she'd feel left out a bit. Ella is nice, but it certainly isn't as distinctive as your other children's names. I like a poster's suggestion of Abby/Abigail for Abbey Road.You could do Pepper/Piper. Or even go directly to the band member's names--Lennon, Starr, Paula, Georgia, Ringa, Johnna. I feel like Starr would fit in fantastically with your other children's names.

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