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    I plan to use Lettie as a nickname for Juliette, as I have the same feelings about the other nn options.

    I second the reco of Sylvie.

    Ladies: Susannah, Juliette, Gwyneth, Bridget, Bethany, Charlotte, Tessa, Rosalind, Halle, Sylvie, Celine, Lena, Mabel, Sybil, Celeste, Mirabel
    Gents: Nathaniel, Bennett, August, Asher, Theodore, Sullivan, Tobias, Maxwell, Wesley, Ansel, Everett, Holden, Lucian, Luca, Abram, Lachlan

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    I feel your pain : I'm French with an American husband who happens to also be Romanian and we just had a little boy, so finding a name that works in three languages was a challenge, to say the least (it was also fun to be honest, and nameberry really helps reassuring everybody).
    You have a great list and I think Chloe is lovely though it is true that it's getting very popular (in France too, and your husband being the consummate Parisian you describe him to be, I'm sure that he doesn't want anything TOO popular -- I know I pestered my husband, poor man, and excluded the otherwise perfect Gabriel from our list just because it was too popular in Paris. And we don't even live in France. So yes, French people can be annoying like that…).
    And Louise is just everywhere, especially in urban upper middle classes, which is understandable as it is such a nice name (it used to be considered an old lady's name in France too until 10 years ago). I do think Juliette is absolutely perfect -- a classic that is always familiar without ever being too popular, and I agree with Nicole, she can control the nicknames if she wants to!
    Have you considered (sorry in advance for repeats) :
    Daphne (less popular than Chloe but equally feminine and timeless imo)
    Violet / Violette
    Marguerite or Margo/ Margot/ Margaux
    Constance (nicknames in English might be an issue though!)
    Iris (less popular than Ines in France right now)
    Amelie / Amelia
    Sybille / Sybil

    And just for good measure, the eternally beautiful and simple Marie.

    But you may also want to consider the - a names, since you like Louisa? Sophia is definitely uber-popular but there may be other options:
    Anna (it's the default choice of a lot of international couples : simple, timeless, easily pronounced in all languages)
    Sylvia ( in France Sylvie is now totally associated to the 60s-early 70s) …

    Good luck, and please don't hate us Frenchies too much - my husband was baffled by the amount of preconceived notions we can have on perfectly nice names ("I'd rather DIE than have my son called Matheo, it's so popular the kid will never forgive me" or "Sandrine? Over my dead body, this is so eighties!!!" -- well, I'm sure you know the drill by now)!

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    I've begun to hear a lot of Elodie in the Pre-K crowd here in the USA. I like Anne, Isabelle, Elise, Gabrielle, Marguerite, Charlotte . Louise would be lovely and very fashion cutting -edge here, also. Genevieve is great , but would have a pr. switch, as would my current fave Agnes. Solange is lovely and now more familiar to Americans through Beyonce's sister. Sylvie is also beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsa430 View Post
    Hi!! When I read your post I thought: My gosh this sounds like ME!!!
    Im American and my husband is French (born and raised!) and we have just relocated to the US - yes he is in culture shock BUT we are having a girl on Sept. 1st and we are having the same dilemma!!! We can't agree on names and all my beautiful names are being shot down. I wish my hubby liked Chloe he doesnt. I absolutely adore that name!

    I would sit down with him and ask him to cross out the ones that truly bother him. Then go through the names list (top 1000) I did this and took pretty quick. Jot down the ones you both agree and most important ask him to pronounce them! This changes everything. The beautiful french accent must sound nice

    I love all the names you picked and highly love: 1. Chloe 2. Olivia 3. Juliette 4. Mila - Wishing you all the best! I am in your shoes!! Good luck to us both
    Wow, you really ARE in the same boat! I'm due August 24th! Have you guys picked out a name, or are you still working on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwensmom View Post
    I have a Juliet (and a Gwendolyn but can't imagine that's a name that translates to French too easily!). She's almost 2 and we've never had any one call her Julie or Jules. It's true you can't control what her friends may call her when she's older but it's not hard for family to always use her whole name.

    I love Louise and I don't think it's old lady-ish in English at all! Other ideas:

    Camille! So pretty...
    You have great taste. I love both your daughters' names. I actually like Gwendolyn with the French accent. It baffles me that my husband doesn't like it! I'm glad to hear your Juliet is still going by her name. Did you worry when you were picking the name that one day she'd want to be called something else? I'm more worried about my daughter deciding she likes being called Julie or Jules than I am about people calling her that. As long as she's against nicknames, she can correct it!

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