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    It has the ee sound at the end and the long o of Chloe, but less popular.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I love Colette! I was vetoed unfortunately!

    I love Juliette too but I hesitate because we both don't like any nicknames associated with the name and I KNOW there will inevitably come a day where people start calling her Julie or Jules and I will not be happy! Juliette is so pretty and feminine, and I would want her to always go by Juliette, but that's not something I can control.

    There's not much of a difference in the pronunciation of Louise, but it sounds cute to me with the French accent. It's also more popular in France, so maybe that's why. When I think of Louise in English, I think of an old lady. When I think of Louise in French, I think of a little girl who might be nicknamed something cutesy like Loulou. I do like Louisa and I offered that as a suggestion to my husband--she could go by Louise when in France easily even if the name on her birth certificate is Louisa, but the opposite way isn't as easy. He wasn't satisfied with that. Are you noticing a trend??

    I realized I'm not that picky. There are many names I love, but he has vetoed all of them. Here's my list: Chloe, Olivia (still agonizing over the popularity), Alice, Mila, Gwendolyn, Madeleine, Colette, Lucie, Claire, Juliette, Louisa (Louise for short), Elisa, Violette, Charlotte

    And now I'm feeling quite hormonal and upset that I have such a lovely list and keep getting shot down.

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    I do love Louisa and Juliette. I haven't seen Vivienne suggested yet. I think its a gorgeous name.

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    The first thought I had was Eloise. I see that someone has already suggested that one.

    What about...

    Sorry for any repeats. And, your list is lovely. Good luck!

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    Hi!! When I read your post I thought: My gosh this sounds like ME!!!
    Im American and my husband is French (born and raised!) and we have just relocated to the US - yes he is in culture shock BUT we are having a girl on Sept. 1st and we are having the same dilemma!!! We can't agree on names and all my beautiful names are being shot down. I wish my hubby liked Chloe he doesnt. I absolutely adore that name!

    I would sit down with him and ask him to cross out the ones that truly bother him. Then go through the names list (top 1000) I did this and took pretty quick. Jot down the ones you both agree and most important ask him to pronounce them! This changes everything. The beautiful french accent must sound nice

    I love all the names you picked and highly love: 1. Chloe 2. Olivia 3. Juliette 4. Mila - Wishing you all the best! I am in your shoes!! Good luck to us both

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