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Thread: Fresh Ideas?

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    Erm, well, Isabelle (which is similar to Ella, another name I absolutely adore!), Olivia, Violet, and Anne-Sophie are all on my list, as well as Claire as a middle, and Hannah used to be. So I love your old style.

    I personally don't have qualms about using popular names. I myself had a popular name and I feel like I benefited from having a name that was well-known. I was a shy kid, so at least I felt like I "fit in" in some regards. Besides, there are a lot of really great names that are popular right now.

    I think over the past couple years, though, I've started leaning toward a more classic, maybe more vintage, and more international style. And I think it's sort of mellowed out into a style that sort of works together much better than before. Most of my new crushes are international names that don't get a HUGE amount of love here, though. Like Odette, Odile/Odilia, Laerke, Giuseppina, Helene, Madelief, Leona, etc. I suppose some people would think that they're weird, haha. Some of them, anyhow.
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    I think Leona is very pretty!
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    I'm really digging Renee right now.
    I didn't see that suggested yet!?!?!

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    Oh, Renee is beautiful! My recent discovery which fast became a crush is Elizabella. A mixture of three (or more?) classic names.

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