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    Please help me find a Pen Name

    I am a South Indian.
    An Aspiring writer
    My real name is Harika Bantupalli, So I need a simpler and a different name for as a pen name.

    I will right chick-lit and Romance mostly!

    My mentor suggested me the name MIRANDA for the first name.
    But I am absolutely confused about the last name

    I have got three suggestions

    Miranda Raine
    Miranda Beckett
    Miranda Grey

    If there are any other suggestions you can give, please help!

    New names and last names are also welcomed!

    Please help me!

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    If you're interested in writing romance, you could choose a first name that means "love" or something similar. I think of a pen name of being something no one would ever be named in real life, just a fun name with a deeper meaning.
    Some ideas:

    Amarissa (meaning: little lover)
    Haviva (meaning: well loved)

    surnames could be:


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    I think your first name looks unique without being hard to say, but I'm guessing you want to change your surname? Harika Bantu would be a way to "simplify" it without changing much. Or out of the surnames you gave, Harika Raine sounds good. And out of the three names you listed, I like Miranda Raine and Miranda Grey best. I'm no good at suggestions, but I hope that helps...!
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    I like Miranda Beckett and periwinkleblue's suggestion of Bantu, either with your real first name or with Miranda.

    other suggestions:
    Miranda Adams
    Miranda Main
    Miranda Oliver
    Miranda York
    Miranda West
    Miranda Riley
    Miranda Alexander

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    Miranda Grey is an easy name to remember when looking an author. So is Miranda Raine, but it doesn't flow as nicely.

    I love the suggestion of shortening your last name to Bantu.

    Here are some sugestions for a first name:
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