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    Are these to close for sisters?

    Originally, when picking out Evie's name we had firmly decided on Piper Adelaide.

    Now, with a third child's name ending in N, (Sebastian, Kaidan, and Evelyn), we're wanting to stick to that with the twins.

    Jackson's name is picked out, and (fingers crossed) won't change. However, we've been struggling with a girls name. (SURPRISE!)

    You all were so wonderful helping us with Evie's name, now we need help with baby B's name!

    Okay... So here's the question... Going off Adelaide my hubby suggested Adelyn, which I really like. My only concern is having an Evie and an Addie.

    Are these names to close for sisters?

    I think that Adelyn and Evelyn are close, but we almost always refer to Evelyn as Evie, and her brothers call her Pip. Adelyn would probably always be referred to as Addie, except at school.

    Adelaide is a family name for us, so this was our way of still trying to use it.

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    I don't think you need to have -n ending names. Since you're expecting twins, it would be a way to break the pattern since it wouldn't be all the kids in the family except one sharing the same final letter. Adelaide is a great name, and I think all those -n endings might get redundant. However, if you're set on one twin having an -n ending name, I guess the other should too so they're not left out.

    I do think Adelyn/Addie is a bit close to Evelyn/Evie. It's not horrible, but there are better choices. Can I suggest Adeline or Adelaine? They still end in an -n sound, but they're more different from Evelyn. You can still use nn Addie, but with Adelaine you also have the option of Lainey.

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    I think when using nn Evie and Addie, the names are not too close and I actually like them together. I would go with Adelaide as the full name though, it sounds lovely next to Evelyn.

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    I don't' think Evie and Addie are to similar but I do think Evelyn and Adelyn are. If you want a n ending, an honor name for an Adelaide and the ability to use the nickname Addie, why not go with Addison?

    Jackson and Addison work well together.

    If you want something a bit more timeless and less trendy, what about Allison? Evie and Allie.
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    Yes, they're too close. Both names end in -lyn and Evie and Addie seem almost overly cutesy as sisters.

    Why not just use Adelaide as a middle name?
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