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Thread: can't decide

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    can't decide

    My boyfriend and I are expecting our first baby this summer, we know we're having a girl and her middle name will be Grace (after my grandma Gracinda) or Maria Grace (Maria after my mom) depending on the first name and we thought we had decided on a first name but now we're not sure.

    Our 3 favourite names are Emma, Maya and Zoey but we also like Natalie and Madalynn.

    I'm having a hard time because I prefer long names with nicknames, I have a long name so my nickname is the one I use for everything but any short names I like I find that I don't like the longer version ie Emmeline/Emmalyn nn Emma.

    My boyfriend doesn't like names that are too unusual or have unusual spelling because his name is common but spelled the less common way so he is always spelling it for people.

    I'm pretty open, he can be picky =P but we are looking for suggestions. Nothing too old fashioned, we want something that is a little girly but with having such a feminine middle name I want it to be a little more modern.

    Thank you for any suggestions =)

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    I like Natalie Grace or Natalia Grace.

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    I like Zoe Maria Grace or Natalie Grace. Very pretty! Some other ideas:

    Aria Grace ("Ari")
    Caia Grace
    Calla Grace ("Callie")
    Delia Grace ("Lia")
    Elle Maria Grace ("Ellie")
    Ever Maria Grace ("Ev" or "Evie")
    Gloriana Grace ("Ana" or "Gigi" or "Glory")
    Ileana Grace ("Ana")
    Julissa Grace ("Jules" or "Lissy")
    Juliet Maria Grace ("Jules")
    Leonie Maria Grace ("Lee" or "Lea")
    Marielle Grace ("Mari" or "Elle")
    Milena Grace ("Mila" or "Lena")
    Marisa Grace ("Mari" or "Risa")
    Poppy Maria Grace
    Romilly Maria Grace ("Romy" or "Milly" or "Milla")
    Ruby Maria Grace ("Rue")
    Sylvie Maria Grace
    Sarina Grace ("Sara" or "Sari")
    Tallulah Grace ("Lula" or "Lulu" or "Tali" or "Tula")
    Thea Grace
    Thalia Grace ("Tia" or "Lia")
    Valerie Maria Grace ("Val")
    Zara Grace
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    Emmeline Grace could also have the nn of Emme or Lina

    Madelyn Grace is also awesome and could be Maddie or Lynnie for short

    What about Kaia Maria Grace

    Or Kaylin Grace
    Or Kaitlin Grace
    Or Kyla Grace
    Or Tahlia Grace
    Or Maddison Grace

    Or Grayson Marie

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