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    Too short with a three letter surname?

    I'm quite fond of classic names for boys, and I've got names like Joseph, Alexander and Edward on my list. As the full name, they work fine with OH's surname, but it's the automatic short versions (which he may or may not choose to use) that I'm apprehensive about. Using a placeholder three letter surname, do these look too short or abrupt to you?

    Joe Fox
    Alex Fox
    Ed Fox

    Obviously Joey Fox, Xander Fox and Eddie Fox are all alternative, longer, possibilities, but there's still a very real chance of Joe, Alex or Ed - or just give them up in the first spot and use them as middles.

    Also, suggestions for names that are longer that would fit in would be appreciated - I've got names like Charlie, Elliot, George on there as well which don't look anywhere near as visually short next to Fox.

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    Fox is such a cool last name, a lot of name can flow nicely. Edmund/Edwin Fox nn Eddie is my personal favorite, a mix of quirky, "it" and vintage.
    I don't think there is something wrong with Joe Fox and Alex Fox, maybe because they sound some kind of two-syllable in my accent.
    *I assume the real last name sounds like Fox, otherwise I am not so sure*
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    Well, Joe and Ed do look short next to Fox and Alex has the repetitive "x" sound but since these nn's may never come to pass, I don't think you should worry about it too much. I wouldn't give any name up that I loved simply because they "MAY' or "MAY NOT" be shortened. In that case, you would have to worry about practically every name. The chance of Alexander being shortened is a little more certain than the two-syllable Joseph and Edward. Alexander could always go by Alec and that would solve the double "x" problem. Here are some longer name suggestions.

    Timothy Fox
    Gregory Fox
    Laurence Fox
    Richard Fox
    Nathaniel Fox
    Jonathan Fox
    Anthony Fox
    Peter Fox
    Gabriel Fox
    Arthur Fox
    Gilbert Fox
    Reuben Fox
    Samuel Fox
    Roland Fox
    Jerome Fox
    Raymond Fox
    Henry Fox
    Benjamin Fox
    Sebastian Fox
    Oliver Fox
    Rupert Fox
    Martin Fox
    Walter Fox
    Theodore Fox
    Raphael Fox
    Edmund Fox
    Tristan Fox
    Vincent Fox
    Dominic Fox
    Julian Fox
    Harold Fox
    Ambrose Fox
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    Thanks for the reassurance. It just seems that most Josephs/Alexanders/Edwards I've come across have all gone by Joe/Alex/Ed, so it just seems more likely that they would be shortened rather than something like Elliot or Nathan.

    There's a few names on that list I've already got rather high up on my favourites - Oliver, Dominic, Samuel, Reuben - but there's a good selection for consideration, even taking out the ones we won't be able to use. Some I know OH won't ever go for, as he's got pretty mainstream tastes, but I reckon there's several I can try and twist his arm into thinking about when the time comes.

    Anna Katherine * Lydia Ellen * Zoe Madeleine * Phoebe ___ * Imogen ___ * Emilia ___
    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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    I don't think you should worry about it. If anything, Joe Fox or Will Fox are short and easy to remember.
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