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    Is this combo too weird?

    Gwenllian Wyn. Now, at first, it might look ok to you if you don't speak Welsh, but gwen and wyn is just the same word. So, if we assume this hypothetical baby will be living in Wales, what do you say?

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    If it's the same word I wouldn't do it. To me it sounds like you would name your kid Violet Viola or Elizabeth Elsa, of course the names look and sound different but it's the same name.

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    Well, I say you should give a baby a name that will at least work for most of the world. It doesn't need to be Emma or anything, but a name that most people will say, "Her name is ______," not "What did she say her name was?"

    And you never know, this hypothetical baby may one day live in Wales.
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    I was actually going to say it feels like naming your child a mixture between Margaret Pearl and Margaret Mae. I would assume the parents were either not Welsh and didn’t bother to do any research, despite the similarity in sound, or that they were quite daft. (Sorry!) I think I could deal with it more if Wyn were the LN - that way if the child got married they could always change their LN.

    Personally I love that my FN and 2MN all have very different meanings that blend well together. I’ve always felt that they were guide posts on how my mother thought I should live my life and they suggested to me to remember to be well rounded (at least I hope I am). I want to give that to my children in the future as well - give each a set of values or hopes I have for them in their name. Duplicating the meaning of names would then just be redundant.
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    Isn't Wyn a masculine name? Aside from the fact that they mean the same thing, I would think it was kind of strange to hear Wyn on a girl
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