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    3 Generation CAF with Initials

    Use the initials given to name the family. Initials in parentheses refer to names previously chosen.

    Generation 1
    Surname - Moyer
    DH: LM
    DW: NB

    DS: ES
    DD1: LK
    DD2: MA

    Generation 2

    Surname - Moyer
    DH: (ES)
    DW: NJ
    DS: LW
    DD: KF

    Surname - Bradley
    DW: (LK)
    DH: DL
    DS: ED
    DS: JL

    Surname - Hipps
    DW: (MA)
    DH: JR
    DS: AL
    DD: ANR

    Generation 3

    Surname - Moyer
    DH: (LW)
    DW: OJ
    DD: EF
    DD: GA
    DD: VD

    Surname - Harter
    DW: (KF)
    DH: JT
    DS: AE
    DD: AF

    Surname - Bradley
    DH: (ED)
    DW: JM
    DS: WE
    DS: CH
    DS: RV
    DD: LS

    Surname - Bradley
    DH: (JL)
    DW: AS
    DD: JC
    DS: HJ

    Surname - Hipps
    DH: (AL)
    DW: EM
    DD: KE
    DS: PC
    DD: JG

    Surname - Young
    DW: (ANR)
    DH: AO
    DS: JN
    DS: EL
    DD: IN
    DD: LC
    Ingrid, Sarai, Edith, Clara, Geneva, and Judith
    Keller, Graham, Ezra, and Isaac

    If I had a baby today, it would be named:Clara Naomi/Ezra Lloyd

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