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    My list needs to be narrowed!... Or widened :)

    Here is my GIRLS List (Posting boys list on boy name forum):

    Evangeline Clare nn Evie
    Eliana Violet nn Ellie
    Nora Kay
    Neve Elisabeth
    Madeleine Iris (LINE Ending) nn Maddy
    Maia Juliet
    Beatrix Hermione Rose nn Tris
    Hazel Grace
    Aviana Rose nn Ava
    Cleo Elisabeth
    Bree Arabella
    Reese ????
    Arabella Windsor nn Ara or Bella
    Keira ???
    Seraphina Ivy nn Effie or Sera
    Maeve Daniella
    Guinevere Helena nn Ginny

    Please give opinions and suggestions!
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    Some lovely names listed, just for suggestion how about Nina Kay which is a little more refreshing than Nora, although Nora is still lovely, I prefer it spelt Norah.
    You have Rose as a middle, would you not consider it as a nickname for a first such as Rosalie, Rosa or Rosalind?
    I also love Ava from your list and would just this as a name within its own right over Aviana which is too much for me.
    Good luck.

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