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    Having second thoughts....

    After months of searching and almost every name turned down by my DH, we finally agreed on the name Jones Thomas. We love it. My husband's name is Brooks, and I love how both names are one syllable and end in "s". But now I'm wondering if this name is too weird as a first name. Is it too uncommon and just plain weird? Yes, I know if we like it just use it, but I do want to hear your opinions before releasing it to our friends and family.

    What do you think?
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    I would prefer James. It's also one syllable, ends in S, and is a surname. I see nothing wrong with Jones as a first name. I think it's refreshing. However you need a long surname to help distinguish which is the surname. Jones Morgan is a little confusing (although cute) but Jones Worthington is a little clearer.

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    Same as above. As long as last name is clear I think it's refreshing. If not James is a wonderful option, one of my faves!

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    Thank you emekct and rainydaygarden. My brother's name is James, so I would rather not use that. I have always loved his name and tend to like more classic names, but my DH likes "different" names (like his). I think that's how we finally ended up agreeing on Jones. It is classic (surname), yet still very different.

    Our last name sounds similar to Stoddard. Do you think thats distinguished enough?

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    I don't think it's strange at all. Using surnames as names is a very common thing, and Jones is a well known name. In fact if anything I consider it a very tame choice, if a lovely one. Very much like James, which is also a surname but just as well known as a first.

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