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Thread: Nurseries!

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    If I have a boy I want to do a nautical theme of sailboats and anchors in his room. Since his mamma served in the Navy it only seems fitting.

    If we have a girl I like the idea of vintage floral and lace.
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    grecianern Guest
    Love all the ideas and I love nautical themes and gray for girls.

    My ideal girls nursery was fairy themed. I have a print of the first charcoal sketch that Walt Disney drew of Tinkerbell, so the walls were going to be a mint green wide stripe - eggshell and a shimmer striped finish. With touches of pinks, peaches, lilacs... not pastels, more of a watercolor to match the print. I even bought bedding, I was so sure my first was a girl. I just sold the bedding to a friend.

    My first son's nursery was a knights, castle and dragons theme - magical and masculine. I was actually inspired by a display at IKEA. The walls were a pale cadet blue, with a darker cadet blue bottom that had a stone edge to the top, similar to this: TT_TT_TT_TT_ - you get the idea. It wasn't dark, but we wanted a grey-ish blue to simulate a Stone feel. Then I went in and randomly added some stylized bricks. The furniture was cherry colored, the changing table was Red, and the shelves were white. Curtains and fabrics were a blue and white plaid, and since we never found castle bedding, we had navy and red bedding. We had some fun dragon and castle turret fabric hanging shelves from IKEA and a castle & dragon stuffed mobile that a friend found in LA.

    For our twins, we've moved into a new rented house, so we couldn't paint the walls. I let our now 5 yr old pick the theme for their room - ocean or Superheroes. It was a tough call, but he went with superheroes. I am not surprised. I fell in love with these prints on Ebay from England... but they seemed so angry:
    So I contacted a local artist that was doing the most amazing Disney paintings. I sent her the picture above and asked for nice baby superheroes. She came back with 8 different characters! I commissioned 7 12x12 paintings. They are amazing. Bright superheroes on slightly muted backgrounds. All babies. Besides those, we also have their names in black vinyl letters above their cherry mini cribs, and family pictures. Furniture is white and black. Curtains are a bright dark blue.

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    Fun thread! My 5mo daughter has a Moroccan nursery. The walls are antique gold, she has a brass cradle, and she has an opium bed! There's a good herati carpet and lots of ikat and patterning.

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    canadianmom3plus2 Guest
    The girl all sleep in a very bubble gum pink and grey zigzag striped room.
    for the twin I gone with the same grey but in a zigzag with blue and pink accents

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    @grecianern Oh my God I love that! I may have to steal some ideas from you for my little boy. A dragon themed nursery sounds perfect :-)

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