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    Kr8tive spellings and made up names drive me crazy! A child's name shouldn't look like it's parents failed elementary school English i.e. M'Keyelynn Rayn or Jaxxyn Iszobel. And then the nerve of these people to get snarky when you can't pronounce their nonsensical name

    Boy names on girls and "unisex" names only bother me because they're so one-sided and sexist. If I met sibsets like Artemis (b)/Archer (g) or Camille (b)/Claude (g) then I'd applaud the parents for not being the norm. Most people are far too afraid to go there. More often than not the people who think a masculine name on a girl is chic wouldn't dare give a boy a "feminine" name. The trend is basically saying that male= positive and female= negative, even for girls!

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    To be honest I hate most trends because they become ubiquitous and annoying.

    -ayden names are just a bit overused in my opinion
    And I hate names that are just intentionally misspelled or with y's where they shouldn't be. Myckayla? Jaidyn? ugh

    Also from watching toddlers and tiaras (a secret love) I am SICK of Hailee/Kayley/Haylee/Kaeleigh/Haeley/Kaelee/Hayleigh/Kailee WHY CAN THERE NOT BE ONE SPELLING OF EACH?

    I too hate boys names on girls. I hate when searching Nymbler, I type in a name like Ethan and it asks me if I mean it for a boy or a girl. Who names their daughter Ethan?????!?!?

    Sorry, I have rage about these things. Let's call me passionate?

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    -Ayden/Aiden names: While I don't mind Aiden and Hayden so much, all of the rest annoy me. A lady in my ASL 3 class was so excited her grandson was born. I asked her what his name was and she said, "It's Zayden!" I was cringing on the inside. I hope I didn't show it on my face. lol

    Misspellings/replacing an "a" with a 'Y": A friend of mine had a son she named Jordyn a couple years ago. I like the name Jordan, but why stick a freaking 'Y" in it? Just spell it the normal way!

    Masculine sounding names on girls: I HATE it when people give their girls names like Charlie, Beau and James. Those girls are going to be called "he" for their whole life. Unisex names are fine, but names that are obviously male names are a no no for me.
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    For me, the worst of all is creative spellings. I'm in agreement with colfr - why can't all names just have one spelling? Language difference (like Sophie/Sofie, Alfonso/Afonso) is acceptable, but this is just... I'm also not a fan of alternative spellings, like Adeline --> Adelynn, Madison --> Madisyn etc.

    Unisex names is another name trend I hate. For example, since when has Elliott become a unisex name? It's all boy to me. Boys names on girls and girls names on boys also fall into this category for me.

    Like others, I also dislike the trend for having -ayden at the end of names. Also, -lynn names bother me.

    The final trend that annoys me is surnames as first names. In my opinion, it's once a surname, always a surname.
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    The trend that annoys me the most is the whole -ley/lie/lee/leigh trend for girls. I don't mind Natalie or Emily but I feel like people take it too far when it comes to names like Kaylee/Hailey/Bailey and Riley/Kylie. They change spellings and add and take away consonants until you have Braiyleigh, Jaylei, McKailee, Haysley and Bryleigh, Ilee, Skyley. And there's also Paisley, Presley, Hadley/Adley, Marley/Harley, Miley, Kinsley/Kinley/Kenley/Kensley, Tinsley/Tenley, Everly etc...and they can all be spelled any way you want. It seems like any word/surname, boy's name or place name that ends in a -lee sound is fair game for a girl these days. I just want it to end.
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