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    DC comics inspired names

    so I really like a lot of the names of characters (their real names) from dc comics like dick grayson (nightwing) hal jordan (green lantern) roy harper (red arrow) barbara gordon (batgirl) and I've been trying to come up with my own names that are are in the same vain as those (if that makes sense?) any suggestions?

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    I went to this list to see other DC comic character names. Since a lot of the comics you listed above were created mid-20th century (or a bit earlier or later), the characters have names from that time. They're also kinda friendly, All-American, boy/girl-next-door names.

    Some lists on nameberry that might help:

    You could either go vintage with the lists above or you could go with a name that is popular right now and has the same friendly sound of Hal or Roy, like Gus.

    This site is good for finding surnames:

    I hope it's okay I gave you lots of links instead!

    Winifred Alice Josephine Ruby Louise Adelaide
    Casper Linus Harry Theodore Archie Theodore

    Winifred Josephine Louise Beatrix Frances
    Daisy Violet Ivy Primrose Hazel Ruby Iris
    Alice Adelaide June Cordelia Marion Isobel

    Casper Harry Archie Theodore Augustus
    Oscar Linus Felix Otto Axel Anders Dexter
    Alcott Hawthorne Ellis George Hugo Rupert

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    wow thank you that's actually really helpful!!!

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