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    Timeless and sophisticated name

    Looking for a classic, timeless & sophisticated name for my daughter coming in September. My first born is Colin James.

    Our current favorites are:
    Caroline Mae
    Clara Simone or Clara Wren
    Claire Elizabeth
    Any feedback or suggestions?

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    Since I'm not a huge fan of sibling names starting with the same letter, I'm not loving any of these choices. However, apart from that my favourite is Clara Wren. I also like Clara Mae as a combo since it's a bit lighter.

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    My favorite is Caroline Mae, followed by Clara Wren (Caroline Wren would also be awesome). Using the middle names from your list, with Colin James I like
    Alice Mae
    Catrina Simone
    Eliza Mae
    Alexandra Mae
    Eva Mae
    Eleanore Wren
    Camille Elizabeth
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    Just thought of one more idea, Mary, or a version of Mary like Molly or Maura would defiantly be timeless and sophisticated and goes great with Colin.
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    Like @opheliaflora, I'm not a fan of sibling names that begin with the same letter. If their names do begin with the same letter, the last letter or sound should absolutely be different. That eliminates Caroline (which is way too close in sound to Colin anyway). I prefer Clara Simone to Claire Elizabeth, though I do find Claire to be slightly more classic than Clara. How about Elizabeth Claire?
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