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    I don't have children but I think it's quite normal. When you love many choices, the love for the other names doesn't just vanish and you might find yourself thinking "what-if?" just like in many other situations. Some babies need time to grow into their names, often more than a few months. When they start to develop a "real" personality (not just being a cry or a happy baby) their names might fit them better than you expected.
    Think back, why did you choose Anna. What was the little extra Anna had making it win over your other choices. What made you fall in love with Anna.
    If that doesn't help, how about calling her by her middle name, Juliet?

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    Thanks everyone! I really like the suggestion of Anna or Annie Jewel sometimes. I don't like "Jules" for some reason. A lot of your suggestions have been helpful, as well as the general reassurance that this is normal. I just need to get used to her name and the other options being gone for good (this is my last baby). I think she will grow into her name. Maybe Anna just seems like such a grown up name? But she doesn't really look like an Annie. A lot of the reason I chose Anna is the way it sounds on a grown woman. I felt that Charlotte, although beautiful, would date due to it's current spike in popularity. Also, my husband didn't love it. I guess we all just make the best decision we can with the information we have at the time. I sometimes with we could wait a year after meeting the child!

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    I think her name is stunning & prefer it to your other options. I agree that questioning your decisions is completely normal.

    Jewel is a perfect nn, you could also look at variations of Anna & Juliet from other countries for a different nn? Also, what about Etta or Letty? She will probably be coming up with her own nicknames/pronunciations before long!

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    I love Anna for the reasons you mentioned. I can see it on all kinds of girls and women, and at all ages. Its popularity has been so steady that it transcends trends - think Katherine, Sarah, Laura and Elizabeth. I don't have kids yet. but I love so many names that I am almost positive I'll feel how you are.

    There are some international diminutives of Anna/Anne/Ana that are longer than Anna. Since they originated as nicknames, maybe you could use one of them as a nickname? You can look them up, but some are Nancy, Annika, Anita, Annik, Anouk, etc. I also like Anna Jewel and Anna Jay.
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    Anna Jewel is a very sweet combo I would use that.
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