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    Is a little name regret normal?

    Hi all,
    I was hoping you all could help me with a little case of name regret (since everyone else in my life doesn't really get it). I named my dd2 Anna Juliet 7 months ago. We changed her name to be a LOT during the pregnancy. It wasn't like my first daughter where I just KNEW the name the whole time. Anyhow, I started out wanting Charlotte, and my husband nixed it. Then, we thought about Allie (Allison), but my first daughter didn't look like an Allie, and we also weren't crazy about the name Allison. So going off that, we kept searching. We went to Abby, Jane, Annabel and then finally Anna. She came out looking totally different from what I thought. She fits Anna, but sometimes I can't help wondering if she'd fit Allie or Charlotte better. I also wish that I'd given her a middle name we could actually use (Anna Kate, Anna Grace, etc.). I had a good friend name her daughter Charlotte the other day, and while I think it is getting too popular, I cringed a little inside. I can't stop thinking about it. I've been feeling this way just a little off and on since her birth. Is this normal? Can you suggest any nicknames or other options for her name that might help the situation? I just want to move on!

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    You could call her Anna Jules if it helps. ^^

    Anna is a perfect name IMO. Anna could suit almost any girl, perhaps that's why you are hesitant?
    I know an Anna who is stubborn, down-to-earth, has the most amazing, unabashed laugh, isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, always full of joy, curious about everything and very caring towards those who are suffering. She also has a beautifully deep voice for a 5 year old, and with her fantastic personality, delight in little things and no-nonsense attitude made me love the name.

    Of all the names you've mentioned Anna is the one I love most. Charlotte and Allison just aren't special to me the way Anna is. I like Jane though, I think Jane would be perfect for Anna's sister. Or you could go from Anna Juliet to Anna Jane. (Or Anna June?)
    And Annie is precious!

    I think a little name regret is perfectly normal, but I also think children sometimes need time to grow into their names and make them their own.
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    Why not start calling her Anna-Charlotte? It looks lengthy but it's only 4 syllables.

    Then, if it doesn't feel right, you can go back to Anna (maybe making her official middle name Charlotte?). If it does feel right you can gradually drop Anna (possibly changing it to Charlotte Anna?). Or even just keep Anna-Charlotte.

    The only issue I see there is she'd partly have the same name as your friend's baby... especially if you changed it after her daughter was born. It might cause her to question your motives, that's all. I don't personally think it's a big deal, if you just explain it honestly to her. On the scale of things it won't matter.

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    In my experience, yes I think a little name regret is perfectly normal. We named our daughter Annabel, but there were several other names on our list I also loved.

    Sometimes I think it's less of a case of name regret, and more of a case of the "what ifs...?" What if we had named her Juliet? Would Genevieve have suited her better? Does she seem more like a Cora?

    I think name nerds tend to experience this more simply because we put more thought into the naming process than some people do.

    Your daughter has a gorgeous name, by the way! Anna Juliet is beautiful and timeless.

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    Anna Juliet is gorgeous, personally I'd want to call her Anna-Jewel or Annie-Jewel all the time as a nn
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