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    The Rebel daughters

    Hi im new to nameberry. But me and DH are talking about names and we are having mixed emotions on these two combos. we love them but are having secound thoughts they are
    Elizabeth Genevieve Hazel & Juliet Rhiannon Grace.
    please give us thoughts on the names. they are special means to us and our family just want feedback and thoughts on them. thank you!

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    Both combos are stunning, but I think Elizabeth Hazel Genevieve might flow a little better than Elizabeth Genevieve Hazel. Juliet Rhiannon Grace is perfect as is.
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    Elizabeth & Juliet is a lovely sibset. They are not really my style but definitely good choices. I also like that both have a more spunky nickname options, or even different ones, i.e. Elle & Jules. The Juliet combo has a great flow, Grace is a filler to me but if it has a special meaning to you it is totally fine. It does sound pretty. I think the Elizabeth combo doesn't flow quiet as well. Elizabeth Hazel Genevieve would sound more like one name instead of three sisters. But flow isn't the most important, so if it is important that Genevieve is second I think it works too.

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    I am loving the feedback please keep them coming people :-) I really like Elizabeth Hazel Genevieve our last name is Conner so I always thought Elizabeth Genevieve Hazel flowed well with our last name. I'm so happy Juliet Rhiannon Grace is getting a good review :-)

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