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    Choosing one name means giving up thousands of potentials.

    Why not AJ?

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    I like her name, it's classic, pretty and feminine.
    If that were my little one I'd definitely nn her Annabel (the name you had considered).
    Ann- meaning grace and Belle- beauty.
    She doesn't need to formally be an Annabel to use nn Annabel (in my mind it would be more like Anna-Belle).
    As a 'pet' name I'd probably go for something sweet like Miss Annie.

    AJ as suggested could work of you prefer something less frilly.
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    @mom2one2 Thank you! Your post is so helpful. You completely nailed the difficulty with naming the second child for me.
    @megank4 I know a lot of people like AJ, but I know several boys with that name (including a family member). And I guess it's just not "frilly" enough for me in the end. It is cute though.
    @emiliaj-I like your suggestions! I've actually called her "Miss Annie" before. I'm kinda hoping she'll start looking more like an Annie. And Annabel is cute for every once in a while.
    I need to get Charlotte out of my head and focus on my baby's name. I can't change it now, especially after my friend's announcement. I think I may always feel some regret over it. I'm kinda hoping Charlotte gets so popular that I tire of it. I already know 4 little Charlottes. I hate to wish that on a such a pretty name though! I just think it would really help me move on. Thanks for all your help!

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    I really can’t add anything new but I wanted to say that I agree with everyone that a little name remorse is normal - esp if you are naming your last child. I think the regret might not be about how great her current name is or if something would have been better but really about the possibilities you have left behind and shut the door on. I suggest start naming potential future pets or your kids imaginary friends or stuffed animals instead. Find a good home for the names you adore but won’t use. Anna Juliet is beautiful - you guys did really well and with all the fun nn’s suggested above you absolutely have nothing to regret.
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