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Thread: Quiz CAF

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    Quiz CAF

    DD #1

    First Name:
    What letter does your first name begin with?
    A-C: Pippa
    D-F: Anna
    G-I: Violet
    J-L: Hayley
    M-O: Edith
    Q-S: Felicity
    T-V: Delia
    W-Z: Lillian

    Middle Name:
    What is your favorite color?
    Red: Rose
    Orange: Liv
    Yellow: Jane
    Green: Bree
    Blue: Elle
    Purple: Claire
    Pink: Grace
    White: June
    Gray: Pearl
    Brown: Lee
    Black: Hope

    DS #1

    First name:
    Which country would you most like to visit?
    England: Lewis
    Kenya: Omarr
    Brazil: Ramiro
    Italy: Luciano
    Japan: Asa
    Spain: Gustavo
    Australia: Cooper
    Greece: Leon
    Argentina: Antonio
    France: Terrence

    Middle Name:
    What month were you born in?
    January: Seth
    February: Winston
    March: Michael
    April: Jack
    May: Ethan
    June: Oakley
    July: Simon
    August: Oliver
    September: Spencer
    October: Nicholas
    November: Bailey
    December: Callum

    DD #2

    First Name:
    What's your favorite sport?
    Soccer: Mia
    Football: Stella
    Lacrosse: Genevieve
    Hockey: Johanna
    Baseball: Winifred
    Cross Country: Imogen
    Figure Skating: Ariana
    Basketball: Courtney
    Swimming: Eloise
    Wrestling: Bella
    Other: Lindsey

    Middle Name:
    Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
    Ariel: Alisa
    Rapunzel: Rachel
    Belle: Bethany
    Aurora: Abigail
    Tiana: Trina
    Cinderella: Cady
    Anna: Annette
    Snow White: Spring
    Mulan: Miranda
    Elsa: Estelle
    Merida: Mae
    Jasmine: Juliet
    Pocahontas: Penelope

    DS #2

    First Name:
    What is your favorite instrument?
    Guitar: Kendall
    Piano: Benjamin
    Trumpet: Justin
    Flute: Peyton
    Violin: Matthias
    Clarinet: Isaac
    Drums: Ellington
    Cello: Lucas
    Bassoon: Patrick
    Harp: Cameron
    Trombone: Leo
    Saxophone: Brendan

    Middle Name:
    What's your favorite book genre?
    Mystery: Charles
    FanFiction (yes, this is an option): James
    Romance: Dalton
    Fantasy: Kyle
    Sci-Fi: Ryan
    Fiction: Theodore
    Humor: Russell
    Thriller: Colin
    Action/Adventure: Philip
    Historical: Archer
    Nonfiction: Robert
    "I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them."
    -Lucien Carr, Kill Your Darlings

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    "I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them."
    -Lucien Carr, Kill Your Darlings

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